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Technical annual report 2000-01



Technical annual report 2000-01


Dept. of Regional Development, Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources technical annual report; Department of Regional Development, Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources technical and annual report; Reports; PublicationNT; Technical bulletin (Northern Territory. Dept. of Primary Industry and Fisheries) ; no. 295




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Technical bulletin (Northern Territory. Dept. of Primary Industry and Fisheries) ; no. 295



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Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries 64 PROJECT: Available Soil Phosphorus in the Alice Springs District Project Officer: C. Hill Location: Alice Springs District Stations Objective: To sample the soil from DLPE land units under cattle grazing in the Alice Springs sub-districts for available soil P levels, by June 30, 2001. To categorise the DLPE land units sampled in terms of the following available soil P categories by October 30, 2001. To summarise the land units sampled into a broader land classification titled land types based on their available soil phosphorous levels for pastoralist use, by April 30, 2002. To develop a map of available soil phosphorous categories for the Alice Springs district, by June 30, 2002. To promote the use of cost effective and efficient phosphorus supplementation in Central Australia by supplying information on available soil phosphorous levels during the length of the project i.e. till December 30, 2002. To produce a booklet for producers titled A guide to phosphorous supplementation in Central Australia using the project results by December 30, 2002. Table 1. Available soil phosphorus level Adequate > 8 ppm Marginal 7-8 ppm Deficient < 6 ppm Summary of results to date: In addition to the completed map of the available soil phosphorus levels for Narwietooma Station (pilot study), two other stations have been successfully mapped. These are Amburla Station, north west of Alice Springs, and New Crown Station, in the south-eastern district. Two other stations have been sampled, and will be mapped when the results are complete. These stations are Erldunda and Curtin Springs, both in the south-western district of Central Australia. It is planned that the next property sampled and subsequently mapped will be in the north-eastern district. There has also been some discussion in regards to extending the project to the Barkly Tableland, with Brunette Downs and Mittiebah Stations being considered first. This will depend on the timetable of Tennant Creek DPIF staff, and weather conditions. This project did not achieve the original objectives set for June 30, 2001, and will not achieve those set for October 30, 2001. This is a result of changes in staff coordinating the project and exceptional rainfall seasons in the district, impeding soil sampling.