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Technical annual report 2000-01



Technical annual report 2000-01


Dept. of Regional Development, Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources technical annual report; Department of Regional Development, Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources technical and annual report; Reports; PublicationNT; Technical bulletin (Northern Territory. Dept. of Primary Industry and Fisheries) ; no. 295




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Technical bulletin (Northern Territory. Dept. of Primary Industry and Fisheries) ; no. 295



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Technical Annual Report 2000/01 65 PROJECT: Breeder Herd Performance Recording Project Officer: C. Hill Location: Alice Springs District Stations Objective: Develop a database of reproductive performance records from commercial breeders in the Alice Springs district by taking snapshots as opportunities arise until December 31, 2001. Model the Alice Springs district herd on the best available information and produce an average herd that producers relate to by June 30, 2001 for use as a focal point in discussions on breeder performance. In conjunction with Primelink staff, extend knowledge of management for improved reproductive performance to Alice Springs district producers emphasising the benefits of recording the performance of individual breeders for the duration of the project. In conjunction with other Meat and Livestock and Primelink projects, develop management recommendations for producers for improved breeder performance by June 30, 2002 Background: This project has used records from the earlier project, other Meat and Livestock and Primelink projects and records collected during Primelink Officers activities of pregnancy testing and spaying. The information obtained is a snapshot of breeders performance on stations throughout the district. The information is entered into the Access database. The results from the database will provide average herd information from stations to a regional level. Summary of results to date: Currently there are 6,735 entries in the database. Current database results are shown in table 1. There has been a reduction in the number of records obtained for this year, chiefly as a result of Primelink staff pregnancy-testing fewer animals. This is partly due to a new private veterinary surgeon in Alice Springs, who now pregnancy tests cattle on sale. A model for the Alice Springs district herd to use the Breeder Herd Performance Recording database has not yet been achieved yet. It was decided to wait until adequate records (~10,000) were available in the database before modelling starts. Table 1. Portion of pregnant cows at each condition score and the total number of animals in each group Condition score Percentage of wet cows pregnant Percentage of dry cows pregnant 1 * * 2 24 54 3 29 67 4 47 75 5 68 87 6 * * * Insufficient sample numbers (<20 animals)