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Barkly Beef


Volume 13, Issue 1, March 2005

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Barkly Beef A new fauna stud ANU PhD student Peter Dostine w undertaking a project on the ecolog management of the Flock Pigeon, one most characteristic birds of the M grasslands. Flock Pigeons are thought nomadic and can travel large distances to feeding areas after good rainfall. stronghold of these birds is now the Tableland in the NT and the Channel cou Queensland, where they can still occur in DBIRD takes on n When you cal the Ter Business Cen Tennant Cree will probabl greeted by a face. Kate R the new appr who has join Department Business, In and Re Development Kate hails from a long term Tennant family and has done all her schooling loca she will be well known to most residents. Last years apprentice, Rebecca Welle successfully completed her Certificate Business and is now very capably competently filling the role of Cu Services Officer, left vacant with the departure of Candy Walsh. Rebecca has shown how important it is up and complete an apprenticeship. It has 7 March 2005 y in the Mitchell grasslands ill be y and of the itchell to be locate The Barkly ntry in flocks of several thousand. Peters study aims to understand habitat use and why and where these birds move. As part of this study, Peter will be using radio-tracking and satellite imagery. Peter is keen to inform and involve pastoralists in his studies, and will be attending the Barkly Land Care and Conservation Association AGM in March. Peter can be contacted on 08 899 448 475. ew trainee in Tennant Creek. l in to ritory tre in k you y be new ush is entice ed the of dustry source team. Creek lly, so r, has III in and stomer recent to take given her the skills and knowledge to be job-ready when the opportunity arose here at the TBC said Peter Davenport the Manager of Business and Trade in Tennant Creek. We are pleased to be able to offer another young local the chance to further her career prospects through an administrative apprenticeship. Kate will be based here in the Territory Business Centre and also learn the ropes in the Primary Industry area. Some of the on-the-job training Kate will get involved in is reception, records management, travel coordination and learning about government processes and procedures. She also attends courses at the Training Centre to learn computer skills in word processing, spreadsheets and databases. Kate says she is looking forward to the challenge of her apprenticeship and learning as much as she can over the next 12 months to further her chances of getting a better job when her apprenticeship is finished.