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Date:2008-12; Dated: Jul.-Dec. 2008




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Mental Health Association of Central Australia

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Alice Springs


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52 ones we found interesting and relevant to our community in Alice Springs. Supportive training packages The Mental Illness Fellowship of Victoria is instrumental in developing training packages designed to meet the needs of people with a mental illness. These nationally recognised training packagesCertificates in General Education for Adults and Introduction to Community and Event Volunteering aim to support people to return to study and work in a conducive environment, supporting them to gain confidence to return to mainstream education institutions. The MI Fellowship believes that people with a mental illness should not have reduced education or long-term THE AIM of the conference was to confirm that mental health promotion is no longer at the margins but rather firmly established in the mainstream research, policy and practice arenas Mental health is everybodys business. For example, creating and sustaining mental health is already part of the work some people do, such as increasing social participation through involving young people in the arts or reducing discrimination by making a sport more accessible for recent arrivals in our country. margins to mainstream ... 5th World Conference on the Promotion of Mental Health & the Prevention of Mental & Behavioral Disorders 10-12 September 2008 Margins to Mainstream explored new ways that individuals and organisations from a range of sectors can promote mental health and prevent mental illness. The conference attracted 860 people from 44 countries and provided over 370 presentations! The conference was designed to highlight four of the 14 key evidencebased determinants promoted by VicHealth which influence mental health and wellbeing (see page 46 for more details). Thus presentations fell into five main streams which were: u Social Participation u Discrimination & Diversity u Violence u Access to Economic Resources u General Some key messages u There is an enormous cost to the community from mental illness, particularly in the workforce u We need to make mental health a core concern in schools and education u Mental health is a mainstream responsibility: from schools to workplaces, from neighbourhoods to national goverments. u Social injustice is killing people on a grand scale (Fran Baum) and when inequality becomes too great the idea of community becomes impossible. (Raymond Ayers) u The iceberg analogy - peoples behaviour/illness is the tip above the water, and societal structures/systems the iceberg below - we have to look at bigger underlying structures and not just focus on peoples illness/behaviours u The way we treat each other has a profound effect on peoples mental health kindness not cruelty, compassion not judgement, discrimination and exclusion (Rob Moodie) Some of the many presentations There were many new incentives, models and programs to view at the conference that it was a challenge to take it all in! Here are just a few of the from by Jo Ruby & Rita Riedel The arts play a pivotal role in creating wellbeing: The Indigenous Hip Hop Artists opening the conference on the tail of a successful national tour to outback towns & communities helping kids feel good