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The Northern Territory news Sat 7 Aug 2010

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www.ntnews.com.au Saturday, August 7, 2010. NT NEWS. 35 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:7-AGE:35 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Speak Up: DO YOU believe in UFOs? YES I seeUFOs all the time. BENGOLOWYN,DarwinCity YESThey are druginduced, little green menwho skateboard and they are all namedDave. BRIANMOBBS,Nightcliff NOAlthough I do come fromAcacia Hills,where a couple ofUFOshave been spotted. DAVIDWILLS,AcaciaHills DONTKNOW I believe in life on other planets. I thought I sawaUFO when Iwas little. BREANNAABEL, StuartPark YES I havent seen onebut theuniverse is too big for nothing to beout there. ANDREWDAVIDSON,StuartPark 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Just looking at the 200 best dressed and I reckon the local op-shopsmust have done a roaring trade. ONDARWIN CUP To carla, cullen bay i was at the darwin cup and im a decent guy. you didnt come near the bar near the main gate then did u.NT stunner. Chuck norris definitely attended the darwin cup (re: Al & Megan, august 4th), i had a beer with him, he was under the alias Corey Campbell! Maizy, Parap ONOTHERTHINGS I drove at one hundred and eighty to escape a UFO with its flashing lights and spooky noise, imagine my laughter when I discovered it was only a police car pulling me up. John, Citizen It aint the horny kangaroos fault. Its because of all the hornbag women. Frank, Nightcliff B. Helmer Ignorance is mind blowing Northern Territory News, Ausgust 5. Where do you propose our ADF people train? I can see it now Australia in trouble needs protection. Oh thats right we wouldnt let them hold Pitch Black because it was too noisy, so they cant help us. Get a grip! Sick of whingers, Palmo Re jackel of palmo. doing six years in a bali prison would b like doing sixty years, think about it, its not like shes murdered anybody. have a heart. Tania, Palmo Is moil the noisiest suburb in darwin.Geof, Narrows I know the crocs R a threat 2 some areas! But couldnt they have just caught it & moved it away? These crocs R a part of the Territory way of life & will no doubt B wiped out ! Then what? Please think B4 u kill anymore! Teddie Am i the only one frustrated at the freight train crossing berrimah road, east arm at 6:45, ie-peak hour, in the morning? Its beyond a joke. From palmerston, we get held up 3 times on way to work! Cmon darwin, build an over pass!! Frustrated commuter. Grr Dr Skov and Commissioner McRoberts had better not be trying to eliminate shoppers from buying specials from Woolies, Coles and hotels as part of their alcohol rehab efforts as the NT Govt Labor pollies will be out of a job. Not all of us are hard drinkers, I like my specials and the problem ones should not spoil it for the majority!! Leanyer Resident Really, how much more can be done about the traffic intersection at coolalinga? There are warning lights about 200m prior to those lights. Maybe the road trains should dehitch, sure costs will be higher. However, how do we weigh human life to the cost of fuel prices? Steve, Palmerston Frank, Natasha didnt say market rent, she said median rent. So she is probably above market. Tony, Jingili Got my dog from paws, best $250 I have spent in the top end.mark@north lakes WHATS THEGO ONRAAFHOUSES? HANG about, something doesnt add up. Opposition spokesperson for Defence says if the Defence Department does not go along with it, then an Abbott-led government would not be able to excise the RAAF base houses. Natasha Griggs says that an Abbott-led government could and would, so, whats the go? Maybe the tactic to be used is part of her plan that Natasha does not want to talk about on radio. Maybe that session she had with Tony Abbott on that patrol boat the other day holds the key. She is going to sail a patrol boat up Ludmilla Creek and capture the RAAF base houses in the name of someone or other, and thus thwart the Labor mobs wish to ask Defence to gift the houses to the NT Government so they can be removed and used as the NT Government sees fit. In other words, Natasha did not think the issue through, didnt ask the right people the right questions. Didnt do her homework. Dont forget to return the patrol boat, Natasha. You cant leave it in Ludmilla Creek. BarbaraHolland,Moulden ROADTRAIN FIX CANBEDONE WELL Ive been in WA for a week and I notice that theres more road trains in the Perth metro area now, including shorter versions called Long Vehicles (presumably to fool the average city person theyre not road trains). Reading the letters to the Northern Territory News, it seems everyone here is still voicing opinions about how to fix the problem we have in the NT with road trains. It is simple. First and foremost, the Department of Lands and Planning or whatever they choose to call themselves now (the Department of Transport) needs to immediately place portable illuminated warning signs at the approaches to Coolalinga traffic lights advising all road train drivers to reduce speed to 60km/h through the intersection. Next they must draft a letter to all registered NT road train operators and advise them that effective immediately, all road trains have their speed restricted to 60km/h at all approaches to traffic lights. Any road trains exceeding the 60km/h limit in these zones are liable for immediate suspension of the drivers licence. No demerit points rubbish here. Its about saving lives, not revenue raising. More permanent signs must be placed at all approaches to traffic light intersections saying road trains 60km/h , as well as larger signs at the start of the metro area advising road train drivers of the speed limit. All the larger road trains over a certain mass could be required to have their headlights on low beam within the metropolitan area, say from Humpty Doo on. What could be more effective than that? The trucks still get to deliver their loads with minimum loss of time, and the roads immediately become much safer places. The inconvenience of driving a little slower is far outweighed by the elimination of the danger factor. Any road train doing 60km/h is a far less dangerous object as it can pull up in a much shorter distance, and car drivers have a much better chance of avoiding a collision. Road train driver, McMinns Lagoon DEFENCEHOUSING NEEDSSOMEHELP I RECENTLY had occasion to go to Defence Housing Authority in Carey St where I saw an expensive glossy picture display of new housing at Larrakeyah Army Barracks where 62 existing tropical houses are to be replaced with 92 more modern houses. The first picture showed an aerial view with the sun and wind directions. Unfor tunately the dry season and wet season wind directions are 180 degrees wrong! The toilet is in full view from the lounge room. The few windows are small sliders. The kitchen window is a high-level burqa offering no view or cross ventilation. I assume that because the houses are facing the wrong way, and with little ventilation, occupants will have the airconditioning on and watch TV from the toilet. BoWharton, Fannie Bay CHANCETOSPEAK ONDAMIANHALE I DONT know whether the following was pre-planned or serendipity, but I received a call from Damian Hales office asking what I thought about him. I thought ... now where do I start? I first listed he should work harder at a higher level of understanding; that I had yet to see any conceptual writing of his plans on any subject for Solomon, and significant accomplishments: SIHIP, border security, mining, climate change, the economy, etc. Interrupted, I was reminded about Tiger Brennan Drive, and getting funding restored to Kormilda. There was a fair amount of argument both ways. As time wore on, and topics tumbled one by one, and silences increased, we came to cost of housing, rent, mortgages and land. These are mixed Territory and federal planning and implementation failures, I know, also infrastructure failures; and I asked to pass on the role of a federal representative in getting federal attention on these issues and the dramatic failure on his part to get a handle on any of them. I was told I was very harsh on him. The conversation stopped. I wonder, is that a poll? Im looking forward to the real one on August 21. TedDunstan, Karama Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Brians take on Ball out of line IN RESPONSE to comments made by Brian McFadden in the Behind the Ball scenes article (Northern Territory News) on August 4. His wry comment (Cambridge dictionary definition: showing that you find a bad or difficult situation slightly funny) I found extremely uncalled for, unnecessary and definitely untrue. I was there sober Bob at about the fourth row. I walked over to the stage to be able to see and hear Delta Goodrem perform, as did the majority of the other front-row punters. Oh, yes, most ball-goers had had a few drinks by then but the front rows being smashed and there to hold themselves up on the barrier and not to see us I dont think so, Mr McFadden. Most were there to see Delta, our talented cancer survivor, one of Australias favourite daughters, perform at her best. And she did. As for McFaddens comments on stage, it was clear he did not like being the underdog. He needs to be careful he is so far up himself he might disappear! Diane Fieldhouse An Italian couple at lunch as Steve Black of Australia dives past their balcony in the lead-up round four of the 2010 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Polignano a Mare, Italy Picture: AFP PHOTO/DEAN TREML PICK OF THE PICS

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