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3 2010 CONFERENCE CALENDAR Older people and housing: the latest evidence Wednesday 11 August 2010 Rydges Lakeside, Canberra More informa on...h p://guest.cvent.com/EVENTS/Info/ Summary.aspx?e=51f050f7-b125-4660-abd0-5d9e9c9aedf2 3rd Na onal Women and Industrial Rela ons Conference- Our Work Our Lives 2010 12-13 August, Darwin E: arminda@dreammedia.com.au 9th World Indigenous Women & Wellness Conference 22-25 August, Darwin Hosted by Larrakia Na on Aboriginal Corpora on www.larrakia.org/node/8 Interna onal Social Housing Summit 13-14 October , World Forum, The Hague, Netherlands www.ishum.com Australasian Housing Researchers Conference 17-19 November, Auckland, NZ www.crea ve.auckland.ac.nz/ahr-conference Improving Service Delivery for Indigenous People- Using an Intercultural Approach to Build Engagement & Implementa on Pathways Darwin 29-30 November Masterclass Series h p://www.improvingservicedelivery.com/index.php Events Recent AHURI publica ons Research and Policy Bulle n, Issue 129: How long does housing aff ordability stress last? Families with mortgages are the most suscep ble to prolonged housing stress, and those experiencing persistent housing stress are usually on low incomes. Project: Movements in and out of housing aff ordability stress and dynamic modelling of ini a ves to improve the supply of aff ordable housing Research and Policy Bulle n, Issue 128: The great Australian nightmare: mortgage default and repossession Mortgage default has long term impacts on the fi nancial wellbeing of households including bankruptcy, drawing on superannua on savings, and high levels of debt even a er the sale of the house. Be er access by borrowers to fi nancial advice and mortgage relief assistance, as well as stricter lending standards and be er considera on of illness and hardship by lenders, would reduce rates of default Project: Mortgage default in Australia: nature, causes and social and economic impacts Falling Behind- The growing gap between rent and rent assistance 1995-2009, Tenants Union of Victoria, RMIT University March 2010 Rent Assistance Facts: Median real weekly rent across all Australian capital ci es has risen from $164 in March 1995 to $232 in September 2009, which is a rise of 41% The maximum rates of CRA have remained rela vely constant in real terms over the period In the same period NT median rents increased; - Darwin from $280 to $500 or = 78% - Alice Springs $275 to $520 or 89% - Palmerston $285 to $490 or 72% In Australian capital ci es overall, the median house price rose by 109% in real terms, that is, it has more than doubled since 1995. This increase has resulted in housing aff ordability crisis in both rental and ownership markets and diminished chances for renters to make a transi on to more economically and otherwise advantageous home ownership Research & Updates