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4 NT Shelter Homelessness Policy Officer Louise Harrington Hello! This is my fi rst newsle er column, having commenced as Homelessness Policy Offi cer in May. Its been a busy me! Ive been out and about in Darwin, visited Katherine and Alice Springs and am looking forward to my trip to Tennant Creek in August. Id like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has shared their me and knowledge as Ive se led into the job, and to the Department of Health and Families for providing the funding for my posi on. Na onal Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH) The NT Government wasnt able to fi nalise the 2010-11 Implementa on Plan (IP) agreement under the NPAH before the federal Government went into caretaker mode pending the August elec on. NT Shelter understands that some key priori es iden fi ed at the 2009 Homelessness Summit and the March 2010 White Paper Roundtable have been included, but specifi c informa on on projects and funding wont be available un l at least September. We con nue to work with the NT Government to ensure that sector input is incorporated into the IP. Na onal Quality Framework (NQF) FaHCSIA has released the fi ndings from Round One of the NQF na onal consulta on process. The fi ndings include a report by Catherine Holmes Consul ng on quality service provision to Indigenous people experiencing homelessness in Darwin. The fi ndings are available at: h p://www.fahcsia.gov.au/ sa/housing/progserv/homelessness/na onal_quality_ framework/Pages/default.aspx A more detailed op ons paper will be released later in 2010. NT Shelter will provide a submission in response to the paper. AIHW Demand for Supported Accommoda on Report 2008-09 The Australian Ins tute for Health and Welfare (AIHW) has released the Demand for government funded specialist homelessness accommoda on 2008-09 report. As in previous years, the report found that homelessness services are opera ng to capacity and are unable to meet the demand for accommoda on. The data indicates that the NT has a high level of churn in our supported accommoda on system it appears that our clients move in and out of the system more quickly than in other parts of the country. A quick look at the data for the NT indicates that of the total number of people (including children) who requested supported accommoda on, the NT has: The second lowest percentage of people turned away who are requiring new accommoda on - 54.7% (na onal average is 61.5%) The highest percentage of people turned away as a propor on of total demand 5.3% - (na onal average is 2.7%) The shortest accommoda on periods in the country - an average of 25 days (na onal average is 54 days). The report summary is available at: h p://www.aihw.gov. au/publica ons/index.cfm/ tle/11237 And the full report at: h p://www.aihw.gov.au/ publica ons/index.cfm/ tle/11236 Upcoming Events: 2010 NT Homelessness Summit NT Shelter has begun planning in conjunc on with the Department of Health and Families for the 2010 Homelessness Summit, which will be held in Darwin later this year. Australian Social Inclusion Board consulta ons: Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage The Darwin consulta on originally scheduled for August has been postponed un l a er the federal elec on. It is now expected to take place around September.