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Palmerston Youth Crisis Accommoda on - aims to reunify young people with their families and ensure they are linked to educa on, training, living skills and counseling. Progress: 2 service models are being developed in consulta on with the community and suitable proper es are being iden fi ed. Domes c and Family Violence Support: $15m over 5 years to 2012/13 is being directed to implemen ng the Family Violence Investment Strategy in line with Mandatory Repor ng legisla on. Domes c violence services throughout the NT will receive addi onal funding over the life of this program. Several other ini a ves are being undertaken including data collec on and analysis, placement of social workers in emergency departments in all NT hospitals, evalua on of mandatory repor ng legisla on and social marke ng ini a ves. Young People Leaving Care Program: - assis ng young people leaving care with links to employment, educa on, housing and other support services Program currently focused in Darwin. A tender process is underway for a er care support. Prison In-Reach Program- provides AOD assessment, counselling and a ercare support. (Darwin) Progress; Project is being delivered by the Department of Health & Families- Alcohol and Other Drugs Program over 5 years. Department of Jus ce - 2 Projects Assistance for people leaving correc onal services (Darwin & Alice Springs) - Outputs will be the propor on of sentence plans/case plans that incorporate post-release plans; propor on of clients referred to con nuing educa on, training or employment post release. The NT has by far the highest rate of imprisonment at 645.8 per 100,000 (ABS 2009), with Indigenous people making up to 85% of the NT prison popula on. In 2006-2009, there was a 50% increase in the female Indigenous imprisonment rate. The NT recidivism rate is also the highest in Australia, and 73% of prisoners held in custody are unemployed prior to incarcera on (NAAJA, 2009). Progress: Client services are being delivered by Mission Australia in Darwin and in Alice, it is an in-site service at the Correc onal Centre. Interven on and Case Management Service - this is an extension of an exis ng program operated by Larrakia Na on, assis ng countrymen with mul ple issues, to support a transi on into short, then longer term secure accommoda on. It has $3.25m allocated over 4 years. NT Department Housing Local Government & Regional Services - 4 Projects A Place to Call Home The provision of life skills, tenancy training and other support to maintain a public housing tenancy. Part 1 aims to build 32 dwellings over fi ve years. Part 2 aligns to the Tenancy Sustainability Program. Progress: Current stock is being u lised for this program while new stock is being constructed. The rollout of the program to regional areas is s ll being fi nalised. Street to Home ini a ves for chronically homeless people has an alloca on of $1.06m for 2009/10. Progress: 4 projects have been funded to provide over 100 beds: YMCA (Darwin) will retain 63 rooms that were to close, with an addi onal 15 rooms as well as a 3 bedroom house and a 2 bedroom unit; Mental Health Associa on of Central Australia (MHACA) was funded to broker 6 rooms; St Vincent de Paul is construc ng new accommoda on (10 beds at its Bakhita Centre at Coconut Gove) Salva on Army for counseling services at the Red Shield Hostel in Darwin city. Tenancy Sustainability Program (TSP) is an expansion of an exis ng Territory Housing program providing life skills training and intensive case management aimed at reducing evic ons and at risk tenancies. The target group is public housing tenants and applicants, as well as town camp residents. Progress: This commenced in May-June 2009, with 6 caseworkers delivering TSP in Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs. An evalua on of the program was completed with recommenda ons for expanding the program especially into Tennant Creek. Service Coordina on System (Darwin) Progress: Ini al consulta ons have been held with NGO service providers however no model has yet been developed. NT Department Health & Families - 5 Projects Youth Development Crisis Accommoda on in Tennant Creek - providing 12 residen al beds for young people aged 11-24, with an alloca on of $240,000 in 09/10. Progress: This commenced in October 2009 and to March 2010 it is reported that 64 young people have been provided with secure supported accommoda on. Note- this is the only youth accommoda on service in the Barkly region. Projects under the NT Homelessness Plan are administered by 3 NT Government Departments; 5 NT Implentation Plan Homelessness