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8 From people travelling in from remote areas to access services or experience town life, to large numbers of hippies who camped on the foreshore in the 60s and 70s, Darwins homeless community has been part of life here since the town was established. Today, the longgrass community is facing increasing pressure and discrimina on from the broader community. There are many and varied reasons why people live in the longgrass, and a number of community services work with this cons tuency to help them address problems and hopefully move back into accommoda on or return to their communi es. Following the release of the Larrakia Na on report An inves ga on into the infl ux of Indigenous visitors to Darwins Long Grass from remote NT communi es by Catherine Holmes, a number of Darwin based legal services decided to establish a network to help address the legal problems which can exacerbate homelessness. O en, legal services only become involved when a situa on has reached crisis point. Earlier involvement can assist people to resolve legal issues before they escalate. As well as providing individual legal advice and casework, the Network also hopes to inves gate and address systemic and policy issues, and develop community legal educa on tools to assist both longgrass residents and service providers. The network includes: North Australian Aboriginal Jus ce Agency Top End Womens Legal Service North Australian Aboriginal Family Violence Legal Service (Outreach Service) Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission Law Society Northern Territory Darwin Community Legal Service Darwin Community Legal Service (DCLS) is taking the lead role in this network as it has recently been funded by the Federal Government to help provide access to jus ce for people at risk of or experiencing homeless. The network has begun working with staff from Mission Australia, St Vincent de Paul Society and Larrakia Na on, who are in regular contact with people living in the long grass, to help iden fy issues, loca ons and contacts. DCLS is currently holding weekly legal advice sessions at Ozanam House in Stuart Park - a great start to providing prac cal legal advice for some of Darwins most vulnerable residents. For more informa on please contact DCLS on 89821111. Darwin has a long history of people living in the longgrass... NT Shelter welcomes members and stakeholders contributions to our newsletter