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10 NT Shelter Central Australian Policy OfficerNT Shelter Central Australian Policy Officer , David Havercroft ALICE SPRINGS ACCOMMODATION ACTION GROUP (AAG) The next AAG mee ng is proposed for Wednesday 23rd August. A endance at the AAG mee ngs is open to all community, social service and government agencies. Please contact David at ca@ntshelter.org.au if you would like to be added to the contact list or have further queries. Agreed key focus points for ongoing work by the Group are: Supported accommoda on for clients with a disability/ disabili es Accommoda on for young people Accommoda on for renal pa ents and carers/ families BARKLY REGIONAL ACCOMMODATION GROUP (BRAG), The next BRAG mee ng is proposed for Tuesday 10th August. A endance at the BRAG mee ngs is open to all community, social service and government agencies. Please contact David at ca@ntshelter.org.au if you would like to be added to the contact list or have further queries. ALICE SPRINGS TRANSFORMATION PLAN (ASTP) Refer: h p://www.fahcsia.gov.au/sa/indigenous/progserv/ AS_transforma on/Pages/default.aspx h p://www.dcm.nt.gov.au/alice_springs_transforma on_plan The $138m ASTP con nues its journey to 2013. While there has been considerable discussion of homelessness and housing issues at monthly mee ngs of the ASTP Homelessness and Tenancy Support ac on group a reference group formed of representa ves from NGOs, and Federal and NT Government agencies a endance numbers have waivered somewhat over me. With ASTP housing capital works predetermined, limited to Town Camp housing and the Alice Springs Visitor Accommoda on Park, group mee ngs have allowed a forum for review and consulta on of proposed programs, including the ongoing development of the management model for the Percy Court transi onal housing noted below. NT Shelter par cularly hopes that proposals currently with the ASTP Execu ve, for research on tenancy support programs and popula on mobility, will be given the green light. The development of an evidence base from which to determine the ongoing provision of new housing and tenancy support is vital, and could be used to inform programs throughout the NT. Alice Springs Town Camps ($100m of the ASTP funding 85 new houses; xxx rebuilds and refurbishments) To date 8 x 3 bedroom houses have been completed to Larapinta Valley, Hidden Valley, Li le Sisters, Warlpiri and Trucking Yards town camps, with seven refurbishments also completed to Palmers and Ilparpa town camps. As with all new, rebuilt and refurbished houses to remote communi es, these residences will fall under the Territory Housing rental framework and tenancy agreements. There are considerable concerns with this transi on, par cularly with proper es that may have ongoing issues with overcrowding due to visitors, with the poten al for evic on into an inaccessible rental market. Visitors Accommoda on Park (150 beds; maximum 2 week stay) It is expected that this facility adjacent to Blatherskite Park will be open by late August/ early September with management to be provided by Aboriginal Hostels Ltd. Intended principally for visitors from remote Central Australian communi es, it is expected that this will lessen the overcrowding of public and town camp housing, as well as numbers of those sleeping rough. The just announced new bus routes for Alice Springs will provide much needed transport for the new facility. Federal S mulus Package Projects (funded separately of the ASTP) Construc on on the following housing projects is now underway: Percy Ct - transi onal accommoda on for Territory Housing (28 dwellings), expected to be opera onal in February 2010; The Lodge renova ons to exis ng accommoda on facility for Alice Springs Hospital (35 beds principally for renal dialysis pa ents), expected to be opera onal in February 2010; Red Shield Hostel - Independent living units for men (8 beds), expected to be opera onal in the next 2-3 months Separate from these works, redevelopment work is close to comple on on Territory Housings upgrades to the Mt Gillen Hostel (ca. 60 beds), to be managed by Aboriginal Hostels Ltd. ALICE SPRINGS TOWN COUNCILS MANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC PLACES BY-LAWS At the last full mee ng of the Alice Springs Town Council, councillors agreed to proceed with the proposed Management of Public Place By-laws submission to the NT Administrator for assent in their current form, and tabling at Parliament. This follows review by the Minister for Local Government, Malarndirri McCarthy, and the NT Solicitor General, who cited par cular concerns with the By-laws conformance with the NT Interpreta on Act. NT Shelters has direct concerns with the proposed No Camping By-law 26, which extends the no camping hours already in place with exis ng by-laws, at the same me proposing a direct on the spot fi ne without sugges ons of moving on the off ender. We are concerned that for many rough sleepers, there is li le if any scope to pay fi nes, and that their only alterna ve is to be squa ng illegally on private premises or adding to the overcrowding of social housing with all the issues that brings with it.