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The Northern Territory news Tue 20 Jul 2010

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12 NT NEWS. Tuesday, July 20, 2010. www.ntnews.com.au P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 2 0 -J U L -2 0 1 0 P A G E : 1 2 C O L O R : C M Y K On this day IN THE TERRITORY 10YEARSAGO:At least200people inDarwinandPalmerstonare expectedtobediagnosedwith diabetesduringasurveythisweek, itwasclaimedyesterday. 20YEARSAGO:Oppositionplanning spokesmanJohnBaileyhastoldtheNT PlanningAuthorityheisnotprepared totoleratepolitical interferencebythe CLPinplanningprocedures. 25YEARSAGO:Aborigineshad sufferedatthehandsofthe TerritoryGovernmentandland councils,accordingtoOpposition LeaderBobCollins. TUESDAY, JULY 20, 2010 Theyve got a lot of front SUNBAKING topless is a cultural issue attitudes differ around theworld. Inmanycountries,anywomanexposingherbreasts wouldbearrested; inIran,womenarelockedupfor showingtheirfaces. InmostEuropeannations, it isquiteacceptabletogo toplessonthebeach,evenifthatbeachisfrequented byfamilies. InAustralia, theattitudeisgenerallythatbaring boobsisOKincertainestablishedplaceseither specificbeachessetasideforthepurposeorbeaches wheregoingtoplessissomethingofatradition. InDarwin,goingtoplessattheCasuarinaFreeBeach wasquiteacceptable; infact, itwastheplacetololl aroundnaked. Sadly,thebeachhasanunsavouryreputation nowadaysandfewnudebathersgothere. Somewomenalmostexclusivelybackpackersfrom overseashavetakentotakingofftheirtopswhile sunbakingattheWaterfrontlagoon. Itshouldbeemphasisedthatthis isnot insidethe wavepool,wheregoingtoplessisnotallowed. ButsomeTerritoriansstillobject. Theyarguethatthelagoonisafamilyspotandits embarrassingforthemtogotherewiththeirchildren whenwomenarelyingaroundtopless. Somepeoplearecallingthemwowsers,butthey haveapoint. It isstillnotwidelyculturallyacceptable inAustralia forwomentoshowtheirbreaststostrangers, especiallychildren.Surelypeoplescultural sensitivitiesshouldberespected. Letterstotheeditorshouldbekep-tto175wordsorless.Sendyourletters toGPOBox1300,Darwin, 0801,oremailnenmail@ntnews.com.au Youmust includeyourname,homeaddressorPOBoxnumber.Nameand address will be withheld on request. The Northern Territory News reserves teh right to edit letters. Responsibility is taken by the Editor, NT News,GPOBox1300,Darwin,NT, 0801 Letters No single TV station can hope to do justice to covering both AFL andNRL. SEE ANDREWS LETTER BELOW GIVESOMEONEELSE THERIGHTS SO, Channel 9 has apparently ditched its coverage of Wimbledontennisinfavourofpursuing the TV broadcast rights to the AFL when it comes up for auction. Channel 9 must be forced to relinquish TV coverage for NRL if it wins the rights for AFL. No single TV station can hope to do justice to covering both AFL and NRL. Channel 7 must then get the broadcast rights for the NRL, either sole rights or in conjunction with Channel 10 AndrewHosking,Nakara DONTLETCOLOUR CLOUDTHEISSUE ARE we not a racist country? Rather than have all parents Centrelink income managed, the Government will drop the scheme. Why? Because the one size fits all approach doesntsuitthewhitepopulation. A pathetic end to a misguided and racist Howard/ Brough policy. But is it the beginning of a new policy that has the clout to help families manage their income, whether they are white, black or brindle? BillyMoir,Nightcliff WORLDOFEXPERIENCE BETWEENTHEM HAVE no fear, Eli Nes, Letters, July 10. Our two new police chiefshave hadvast experience in khaki, that being the fashion for their WA uniforms until recently. These blokes are men of great experience, well regarded by all during their WA service. I say beware to anyone who tries to trade on their supposed lack of experience you have been warned. HowardYoung,Tiwi PEOPLESVOTECOUNTS FORNOTHING WHAT a joke politics is in this country. Former Prime Minister John Howard was a liar, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was a pretender, and the present Prime Minister is two faced. It is tiring when the voters are not allowed to know what happens behind closed doors. The dumping of Rudd by factional fighting is not new, and the dumping of an elected prime minister by a political party needs to stop. Perhaps it is time our democracy provided some type of protection to the voters who elect their choice. Is it time to have a referendum to write in the Australian Constitution requiring no prime minister to be removed unless by the people? Do we have a peoples vote or do we have a political party vote? I mean, how many members do these parties have in order to decide over the people? And another thing, how about the Northern Territory News ceases referring to Uluru as a rock? It is a sacred site, period. For those who keep calling it a rock, it is showing the type of respect indigenous people have had to put up with since our lands were taken from us. Perhaps it is time indigenous people started to seek sovereignty. I amsickand tiredof the red-necked racist attacks on our cultures. For a people who came to our countries and who do not pay rent, you have no shame. Is the editor of the NT News paying his/her rent? He/she has a very simplistic notion that education is the key to our success. As an indigenous person I can say education does not even come close. AdrianAlchin,Moulden DARWINBUSHAS MISSEDTHEBUS ATTENTION Darwin Bus: which overpaid twit thought up and designed the new layout of the Casuarina bus interchange? Obviously a person who never catches buses. Not only is it a total dogs breakfast, it just doesnt work. Not to mention its a waste of taxpayers money. Its almost as if they deliberately went out of their way to make it awkward and impractical,especiallyfortheelderly and those with a disability. The zigzag setup of the bus bays is stupid to say the least. Why not just have it set in a simple numerical flow from one point? (ie: No 1 at the bay closest to Woolies at the far end, and flow from there). ALL under shade? And thats not to mention the timetables. The odd times of departure and ridiculous gaps between bus times (ie: almost two hours by bus and waiting times each way to get from Anula to markets on weekends. Suggestion: reinstate the No. 11 for this. After hours is also an issue as the last bus to our area, No. 3, finishes at 6.30pm, then its catch a taxi, which when on a pension is an unnecessary extra cost to the budget. Get the drivers to leave on time, not when they are ready, or five minutes early. Its very hard to catch a connecting bus, but it is an interchange after all. Oh, I forgot, you CEOs dont need buses, you have a car. Maybe you need to rely on buses for a week to get anywhere or go out at the weekend, then possibly we might get a better service. I, however, have a disability and cant drive. Get organised. And how about asking people that use the bus services regularly what they want, or is that too logical? PeterandNiki,Anula FUNDINGFORNEW KNEEISUNCLEAR RE: Help with knee op puts Lyle on track, page 9, July 18. Interesting to note that, as reported, David Cole of the Balunu Foundation singlehandedlyraised $7000forLyle to undergo knee surgery. Did the Balunu Foundation provide money from Government funding (FaCHSIA/ NTG-Health and Family Services) to an individual (who is not a client of Balunu), or from gifted money from taxpayers and, if so, under what Government authority? My understanding is that all Mr Cole did was ask a surgeon to do the surgery probono for Lyle, to which an exNRL Newcastle Knights player provided a signed Knights guernsey to the surgeon for his work (at his own costs). If it was a personal gift in paying the $7000 from Mr David Cole, then he truly is a good Samaritan. Nameandaddresswithheld ... and another thing THEmove to licenseNorthern Territory hairdressers, tattoo parlours and body piercing salons should be welcomed. Indeed, its surprising there wasnt already a licensing system. After all, there are public health issueswithall threeoccupations. The Fixer WHAT:A road sign in Alice Springs says Diarma Village. It should say Diarama Village. WHOS RESPONSIBLE: Department of Construction and Infrastructure Alice Springs Regional Manager Henry Szczypiorski CONTACT:8951 5139 DOYOUknowofsomethingintheTerritorythat needsfixing?GiveTheFixeracallon8944 9724 Email: ntnmail@ntnews.com.au Text: 0428 NTNEWS Fax: 08 8981 6045 Letters: PO Box 1300, Darwin NT 0801 VOTE LAST WEEKS VOTE Your Say Should women be able to sunbathe topless at the Darwin Wave Pool? To cast your vote go to www.ntnews.com.au Should the use of ! reworks be restricted to public displays only on Territory Day? Yes 56% No 44%