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The Northern Territory news Tue 20 Jul 2010

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www.ntnews.com.au Tuesday, July 20, 2010. NT NEWS. 13 P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 2 0 -J U L -2 0 1 0 P A G E : 1 3 C O L O R : K Speak Up: Do you think Territory women should act more lady-like on Ladies Day? YES ItscalledLadies Day.Youexpectthem toactalittlebitmore likeladies. Idontagree withswearingand carryingonina publicplace. SAMFRANKLIN,Leanyer YES Itdoesntmatter whethertheyareguys orgirls. Itsnotjusta ladiesthing.Theguys arejustasbad. MATTHEWROBERTS,Woodroffe NOWomenshoulddo whattheywanttodo. Everyonewhogetsa nightoutwantstowear anddowhateverthey wantto.Imverylaidbackjustgetoverit. SOPHIEMATHERS,Batchelor NO Ididgolastyear, butnotthisyear.Id harassthefiriesand tacklemybrotheroff thecatwalkheused tobeoneofthemodels. Youjustenjoyyourself. ANNIEOLIVER,Moulden YES Ithinkso.Theyre abitlaid-backuphere. Eatingoutofbinsthis istheNT. CODYRODERICK,Woodroffe LEGALISEDTHUGGERY NOTTHEANSWER ABSOLUTELY astounded when we heard that Minister Karl Hampton is promising $50,000 for boxing training as a youth diversion program. Does this Minister, or the currentgovernmenthaveany brains at all? The only result from teaching the wayward youth the principles of this sport is for them to have a better understanding of how to inflict more damage on their victims. Wake up Minister, there are far better characterbuilding activities available than this legalised thuggery. Peter&JaneWard, HumptyDoo HENDOSHANDSIN ALLOURPOCKETS HENDO sticking his hand into taxpayers pockets to subsidise so called fishos to fish in Tiwi waters is typical of his government that generally lacks responsibility, leadership and guts when it comes to dealing with issues. The normal response to anything from builder problemstofishingissuesisaknee jerkreaction withtheirhands going into our pockets, often accompanied by more illconsidered legislation that makes it harder to live in the Territory. ExLaborsupporter,Darwin TIMETOCONSIDER ONE-WAYRINGROAD THE editor mentions that the DCC must work with the NT Government on the facelift for the city. Lets hope this co-operation takes place but one has to doubt that it will. The improvements to the CBD are long overdue so the compliments and praise should be held back until the results are seen. The parking crisis is a major issue and the fact is that parking spots are being reduced where they are most needed. The Cavenagh St plan will hurt traders. Has it ever been considered to have a one-way road around the edge of the CBD? StuartDavie,Darwin PAWSDESERVESMORE GOVERNMENTFUNDS LAST week I was one of six elderly people who went on a very pleasant bus trip to Yarrawonga, organised by the NT Alzheimers Association. We visited PAWS, a wellknown animal welfare centre dedicated to caring for unwanted and stray animals, training dogs, educating the community on animal issues, and conducting Pets for Life seminars. We thoroughly enjoyed inspecting the facilities. This was followed by morning tea and coffee, and a friendly chat to the people trying to make this business a success. However, we were amazed and disappointed to learn that petitions were being taken to save PAWS from closure, because of no help whatsoever from the government. Yet I am advised that the RSPCA is fully funded! Both organisations do much the same good work, PAWS serving Palmerston and RSPCA, Darwin. Palmerston is fortunate to have such a fine organisation as PAWS, and it would be a shame if it had to close for want of government support. Not only would more animals have to suffer if uncared for, but RSPCA resources would be stretched to the limit. ClareFern,Nightcliff CATCHINGTIGERBY TAILTHEEASYPART NOW that various people are making pronouncements, claims and political statements about the future of vacant or excess Defence properties it will be interesting to see what comes out in the fine print. Will the NT Government be allowed to make the RAAF base houses a suburb of lowcost housing suitable for people to live in, but not suitable for Defence personnel? Will the developers, estate agents, building certifiers, subcontractors and other sevenpercenters all get in for their chop and turn the proposed low cost housing into another real estate scam? What will local home owners say if 350 low-cost homes come on to the market and lower the value of what they owe the banks? Now that Damian Hale, Natasha Griggs, Dave Tollner and the NT Government have this tiger by the tail, it should be of great interest and concern to a lot of Darwin residents and potential residents, how it turns out. PeterStill,Bakewell Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Its all about themoney AS A defence wife I am one of the remaining 295 defence families living on the RAAF married quarter patch. We love it here and we all chose to live here for its great amenity close to the CBD; established gardens and parks; elevated houses with decent sized yards, and a sense of community and security. We cope with the aircraft noise, the old kitchens and bathrooms, and the repair issues in our old-style homes. We have been devastated to see our suburb slowly being run down, with houses left to rot and yards untended. The fact is, the neglect of the residences has nothing to do with aircraft noise; nothing to do with security of the base; it is all to do with money. For various reasons it costs DHA (and all of us, in reality) an in ordinate amount of money to maintain these older-style homes. DHA do not want to own houses. They (or the government) want the public to own defence houses and for DHA to lease them back. It is for this reason, and this reason alone, we have the nasty, inappropriate for this climate, new houses in suburbs such as Lyons. We (everyone living here, Mr Calacouras) did not want to live in the boring southernstyle sweat boxes and we continue to choose to live in the glorious old Darwin homes. I can only hope that the people and families who continue to live here are not forgotten and left living in a rotting ghetto until it is finally emptied and the lights turned off. JennyCarlos, RAAFBaseDarwin A model poses for photographers during the annual World Bodypainting Festival in Seeboden, at Lake Millstaettersee, in Austrias southern Carinthia province. The festival is the worlds biggest bodypainting event Picture: AP PHOTO / KERSTIN JOENSSON PICK OF THE PICS 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Foodisnecessary.Tanningisnot. JM,Palmerston ONTOPLESSBATHING n On topless bathers. Come on mum. Us tradies get exploited too. Were not just bits of meat hanging up at the butchers. We have feelings too.Robbie n Women breastfeed discreetly. Topless theyre all on show. Anyway, I thought it was illegal 2 go topless in public.Debbie,Millner n I guess some adults think its ok to show their bodies to kids and some dont. Everyone has own morals. Kids have a right to say what they feel n learn as they grow, taught with age, not force. Respected always. n Totally agree with boob man. Women should feed in public and if women want to be topless on beach, why not? There are heaps of topless men there too.AMum n Let the boobs hang free I say! Happy to sun-bake topless.Margarita,Tiwi ONFISHINGPERMITS n Will Tiwi fishing fees be used 4 southern football recruits this season.Bryan,Tiwi n To pro fishermen: if they have the hook in us, then its in you too cause the taxpayer is taking the bill, which would be you, MR INTELLIGENT. UNCLDUG,Palmerston ONOTHERTHINGS n Here here Andrew Bolt. (Mon 19th). You should run for PM. Better than the other clowns we have a choice between. And they wonder why ppl dont vote.Ben,Gove n As a former arts worker, I couldnt agree more with Barry Doyles critique of this years festival. Jo Duffys choices are as adventurous as melted fake cheese on stale toast. Wheres Fab when you need him? TomPryce,Batchelor n Interesting Neil Perry thinks Masterchef contestants are nobodies. I stopped watching Pohs Kitchen because I found Perrys segments so annoying! Greg,Millner n To solve car parking in CBD. (a) car pool it, (b) bus it, (c) oh, heaven forbid, walk it. Problem solved, you morons. Frank,Nightcliff n To naive new 2 NT Ashamed 2 live in Moulden. Tell kid its coz dole bludgers sit in govt houses smokin, drinkin day & nite. Want squeaky clean, live in Durack!RH,Moulden n A simple way 4 whingers 2 gain access 2 defence houses is to get off their arse, get off welfare and join up.KH,FannieBay n I saw those lights Friday evening from my place at Humpty Doo. It was a meteor shower. J,H/Doo n To all the whingers complaining about jet noise. This is Darwin remember, Aus front line. Bet you would be grateful for them if the unthinkable should ever happen. Do your thing guys, some of us do appreciate what you do for this great country. Rip up those skies!Cam,H/Doo n If prisons are too full, get sheriff Joe in and set up tent city. God knows why they deserve aircon and pay tv.Andrew,Malak n NO Federal election text messages will be publishedunless the writers full name and address is verified by phone call and the writer is pre pared to have their full name and suburb published with their letter. n NOW that the Federal election has been called the NTNewsusualelectionpolicy will apply. No election letters will be published unless the writers full name and address is verified (a phone number must also be provided) and the writer is prepared to have their full name and suburb published with their letter.