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The Northern Territory news Tue 20 Jul 2010

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Content countryGPs SYDNEY:Australias ruraldoctors feel justasprofessionallysatisfied astheircity-basedpeers,andare happierabouttheirpay.Amajor studyofabout4000doctorsalsofoundtheywere equallyhappyabouttheirworkingconditions.The findingsshowhowthebadpressaboutruralpostings isunfounded,saidDrMatthewMcGrail fromtheSchool ofRuralHealthatMonashUniversity. Cheeringchoc WASHINGTON:Peoplewith depressioneatmorechocolate andtheamount increaseswith theseverityoftheir illness,anewstudyhasfound. Ourstudyconfirmslong-heldsuspicionsthateating chocolate issomethingpeopledowhentheyare feelingdown, saidDrBeatriceGolombofthe UniversityofCaliforniaatSanDiego,aco-authorofthe studyappearing intheArchivesof InternalMedicine. TREATMENT Teaspoon risk PARENTS are being warned not to give their children medicine using an ordinary teaspoon because of the risk of overdose. A study of teaspoons in common use in homes shows they vary in capacity from 2.5ml up to 7.3ml. It concluded parents should instead use the special spoon provided with a medicine or buy a syringe or spoon with measurements to ensure children received correct dosages. Our research clearly shows that using domestic teaspoons and tablespoons can result in children receiving considerably more or less medicine than they need, said Professor Matthew Falagas, director of the Alfa Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Athens. Paediatric dosages also needed to be adjusted for body weight as well as age, he said, making children more vulnerable to dosage errors than adults. MENTAL HEALTH A poll shows that Australias women are stressed out Picture: Picture: GETTY IMAGES Womenmore tense SYDNEY: Australias women are more stressed than the nations male population. A poll has found overall that 46 per cent of women and 41 per cent of men report feeling very stressed in their everyday lives. At the other end of the scale, the Newspoll commissioned by Lifeline found only 9 per cent of women and 11 per cent of men could report feeling no stress. Lifeline chief executive Dawn ONeil said the figures were not surprising as twice as many women also called Lifelines support hotlines than men. Our research indicates that in just about every aspect of life women are experiencing higher levels of stress, Ms ONeil said. This isnt to say that men are not stressed, in fact stress is a major issue for our whole community. Thepollasked1200menand women to rate stress levels across five key life areas.