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Questions - 07 December - 21 December 1976



Questions - 07 December - 21 December 1976

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Parliamentary record 16


Questions for 1st Assembly 1974 - 1977; Parliamentary Record; ParliamentNT; 1st Assembly 1974 - 1977




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QUESTIONS WITHOUT NOTICE - Wednesday 8 December 1976 manufacturer as a result of power failures. The can allow for recovery of a loss sustained from However, the loss would have to be documented and advised that an application for a price increase on would not be entertained unless a substantial sum was for loss by the Price Controller power failure. proven. I am these grounds involved. 1670 Mr MANUELL to Mr" RYAN ANSWER Is .it a fact that private iridividuals who engage in private export activities overseas, and if they are successful in gaining an export sale, upon their' return may apply to the Department of Overseas Trade for reimbursement of a percentage of their fare costs for their overseas travel? I am not awl,ire of the answer to the honourable member's thinic. ltis g~:tri:g to take some time to get an answer ask hiI!l to put the question on notice. question. I and therefore 1671 Mr TUNGUTALUM to Dr LETTS ANSWER Can he advise me whether it is proposed that the Tiwi Land Council in addition to the Northern and Central Land Councils will be set up at the commencement of the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act? Can he find out and inform me what arrangement will be made for local descent groups to seek title to the land when the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act commences? Can he advise me how many Aboriginal groups, and from what location, have requested the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs to approve theapplication .to set up a local land council? I am aware that the provisional Tiwi Land Council has made a request to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs to be set up as a separate body on the commencement of the federal Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act. According to that legislation, the decision as to whether a new land council other than the original 2 proposed in the legislation is left to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs. I am unable to advise what is in the Minister's mind at the moment or what decision he is likely to come to, but I will either personally or through my colleague, the Executive Member for Social Affairs, endeavour to find out what the policy might be. I believe somebody said yesterday the Minister is coming to the Northern Territory in the near future. I know that is so because, although he may not have cont .. acted some other people, he did at least contact me and invite me to dinner. Thus, I have the opportunity to put that, and certain other questions, to the Minister and, as soon as "I have some information, I will inform the honourable member. The honourable member asked about local descent groups seeking title to their oWn lands when the act commences ... I have not .had many consultations or discussions on the latest amendments which have been brought in since the bill was originally introduced in June. As I understand the present amendments which have been carried by the House of Representatives, it is made clearer and probably somewhat easier for new trusts to be set up from the large existing trust which will be created by the bill in the first instance. I understand that the amendments will provide for separate trusts to be set