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Questions - 07 December - 21 December 1976



Questions - 07 December - 21 December 1976

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Parliamentary record 16


Questions for 1st Assembly 1974 - 1977; Parliamentary Record; ParliamentNT; 1st Assembly 1974 - 1977




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QUESTIONS WITHOUT NOTICE - Wednesday 8 December 1976 1679 Mr DONDAS to Mr POLLOCK ANSWER What facilities are there available for holding female prisoners at Fannie Bay Gaol or -are they still being transferred to Alice Springs Gaol? At Fannie Bay Gaol, the facilities for female prisoners have been upgraded and generally rebuilt and are much the same as- they were prior to the cyclone. The female prisoners are being housed in the best accommodation that is available at Fannie Bay Gao1.It is Travelodge conditions compared to what other prisoners at Fannie-Bay are being housed in. It is recognised that the facilities are not Travelodge facilities; The female cell block at Fannie Bay has been rehabilitated and is in use. 1680 Mr KENTISH to Dr LETTS ANSWER I refer to the Mailath Report. On page 33 it is stated that a rural reconstruction scheme will commence on 1 December 1977. What will primary producers do in the intervening 12 months? I must confess that the honourable member for Arnhem isa little ahead of me in his study of the Mailath Report which is to be in any case debated in this Assembly a bit later on. I do not think that Mr Mailath, in the context of the report, which is one of making and giving advice and making recommendations to _people to consider and possibly accept, can say that there is going to be a rural reconstruction scheme or body that is going to come into operation in December 1977. I think that is a matter still to be decided. In the meantime, the normal - or should I say abnormal - arrangements as far as they apply to the Northern Territory prevail. The Commonwealth and state ministers responsible for agricultural matters met some 6 or 7 weeks ago to examine the rural reconstruction needs for the whole of Australia and they came to arrangements and agreements as between the Commonwealth and the states as to what was required - what forms of assistance, how much money. That is pretty much cut and dried now and people in the states know where they are going in the future. We, as usual, still are not at that happy stage because our leads have to be put to the -- Commonwealth Government and the Commonwealth Treasury separately. They have been put to the Minister for the Northern Territory by the Primary Producers Board which has collected the information from Territory pastoralists and their organisations. I understand that the submission from the Minister has either gone to the Cabinet or is about to do so and we should expect a decision on what will apply during the next 12 months in the very near future. I make the point, though, that our case is always considered separately to that of the states and this puts us at a time disadvantage whenever any of these decisions are made. 1681 MrDONDAS toMr POLLOCK Can the Executive Member advise me to the latest situation regarding -the Tiwi Mother's Home and can he also tell me if it is being fully utilised?