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The Northern Territory news Thu 13 May 2010

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12 Northern Territory News, Thursday, May 13, 2010 www.ntnews.com.au P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 1 3 -M A Y -2 0 1 0 P A G E : 1 2 C O L O R : C M Y K Budget fails to thrill NT MAY 13, 2010 W EWEREwarned that this was going to bea no frills federal budget, but we didnt believe them. This was one of those rare timeswhen politicians were actually telling the truth. A brief look at this budget will reveal that theNorthern Territory did not fare well. Territorians will still receive themodest tax cuts andwill be able to take advantage of the new automatic tax returnswhichwill save the hassle of keeping old receipts. But the Territory has always relied on larger infrastructure projects to keep the economy running. In the past, we have had funding for an oncology unit or an extension of Tiger BrennanDrive. This year we have only the slight possibility of a second super clinic even though the first one is yet to be completed. PrimeMinister Kevin Rudd is trying to position himself as a responsible economic manager who can put the brakes on spending when necessary. It is a riskymove, considering thatmost Australians are used to receiving election year sweeteners. The Territory Opposition claim Federal Labor has taken us for granted. But SolomonMHRDamianHale said Territorians would understand that stimulus spending saved us from the global financial crisis and nowwe need to tighten the belt. With a federal election looming, only time will tell. ... and another thing WHETHER you believe in climate change or not, reports that the sea level in Darwin has risen 14cm in the past 20 years and could rise 70cm in the next century should be cause for alarm. And givenmanyDarwin homes are already in the surge zoneswithmore development planned in these areas the Darwin City Council is right to start considering the implications now. TheNorthern Territory News GPOBox 1300 DarwinNT0801 Editorial facsimile: (08) 8981 6045 email us: ntnmail@ntnews.com.au text us: 0428 NTNEWS give us a call: 08 8944 9900 fax us: 08 8981 6045 write to us: PO Box 1300, Darwin NT 0801 hit the web: LETTERS Praise our educators A GOOD editorial that deserves a follow-up (retirees, like me, must have some historical information that could be useful). Perhaps you should be writing in praise of the NT Education Department for reducing the years at high school from five to three and consolidating Darwins many high school responsibilities into two high schools. The adding of Year 7 students to the middle school now gives three years to concentrate on completing primary, literacy and numeracy before students are exposed to the rigour of high school subjects including level one literature, maths and science. Although, socially, 12, 13 and 14 year-olds do make a pretty volatile mix, so middle teachers certainly earn their pay and more. Eli Nes, Nightcliff Dog deeds, not breeds APBT. You must know what it stands for as youve already printed a questionable article about them? If you dont then there is a good chance that most of the general population dont know either. American Pit Bull Terrier. The APBT has been given devil-like status thanks to the media tripe that gets plastered all over our TVs and broadsheets, and theyre being blamed for crimes they havent committed. Even the vet who commented in Sundays article got it wrong. They are not overrepresented in bite statistics at all. Most people have no idea what one looks like and they automatically think any large mongrel is a pit bull and, hence, that is what attacked them and makes good news. BSL another acronym youll be hearing a lot about Breed Specific Legislation. Its a kind of hate list governments use to make it look like theyre ridding the streets of dangerous dogs, instead of education, tighter control on registered breeders (punishment of backyard breeders) and the most important animal ownership. Sadly, Australia as a whole is well behind in tackling these issues, whereas many other countries are dropping BSL like hot potatoes, were buying into it. Countries all over the world are now leaving BSL behind as it didnt reduce dog attacks and are judging dogs on the deed not the breed, so any dog can be declared dangerous but not by virtue of breed. Anyone with any knowledge of the APB breed knows how good they are with people; they can be a handful around other dogs but not if theyre trained and well socialised. Behind every aggressive dog is a reason for it being that way and one of them is not its breed. Gavin, address withheld More toilets, please ATTENTION: Graeme Sawyer of Frogwatch I am told your new habitat is the Darwin City Council, where you hide underneath a cloak and have recently doubled parking fines. Could this revenue possibly finance a couple of well maintained and sanitised public toilets (not the solo Tardis variety) within the CBD? If a visitor asks for the luxury of one of these rare things on a Sunday there are two, if you consider a walk down to the Deckchair Cinema a toilet to far. Yes, local itinerants may try to sneak in for relief. This may well be the cure to your human poo crisis. As a ratepayer who cares about Darwin, I pray theres another George Brown ready to drag the council out of its chamber and leave its legacy on this city. Ron, Parap Closing the Gap works REPLY to letter of Saturday, April 24, 2010. Thanks, Alex Kelly, for providing the opportunity to highlight programs that are already in action in the NT, and making some real differences in Closing the Gap. Australian Government IEP programs through DEEWR are being translated into real jobs in Darwin. Young indigenous workers are benefiting from preemployment job readiness, placement into viable employment with empathetic employers, and intensive mentoring that assists them to deal with the many barriers they face. As an IEP member, and also a small business at the pointy end of Territory business, we are finding that the Australian Government is listening to the problems faced on the ground, and making changes to programs to make them more effective. The NT Government is also working in tandem to support these projects, and developing innovative pilot programs aimed at assisting indigenous jobseekers into local jobs. A recent joint initiative in Katherine is resulting in real jobs with supportive local employers for indigenous jobseekers, who in turn are supported by six months intensive mentoring to assist their transition into the workforce. Ten out of 13 graduates of the preemployment course that finished three weeks ago are already in jobs and receiving intensive mentoring. Andrew Forrests Australian Employment Covenant is also at work right now in the Territory value-adding to current programs to assist employers to engage and retain a local indigenous workforce. The buddy training is happening now! It is great to see the many stakeholders working together to achieve our common goal self determination for indigenous Australians in the Territory. If we all continue to work together, we will reach the Tipping Point and the changes we all want will become unstoppable! Alex, if you would like to learn more about what is actually happening on the ground in the Territory, or indeed, become involved yourself, please arrange a visit to Kantillas Function Centre at TIO Stadium sometime in the next four weeks, as a new group of indigenous jobseekers embark on their career pathways. Karen Sheldon IEP Provider ON THIS DAY >> IN THE TERRITORY 10YEARSAGO:The author of a report on the stolen generation has slammedWednesdays outburst fromNT EducationMinister Chris Lugg as offensive and inaccurate. 20YEARSAGO: Taxpayers will have paid almost $230 million for the Darwin and Alice Springs Sheratons, and the Yulara resort by 1996. 25YEARSAGO: In themove towards statehood, theNorthern Territorymust ensure it does not become a Claytons State, MHRPaul Everingham, said yesterday. This budget is like aMelbourne gangland budget, it smiles on the outside but underneath theres some dark sides to it. Family First Senator Steve Fielding on the Governments 2010Budget v o te DOYOU think theNorthern Territory Budget is good for the Territory? Last weeks result: Should the Federal Government increase the tax on cigarettes by 25 per cent? to cast your vote phone YES - 1900 969 562NO - 1900 969 563 Calls cost 55c. Higher frommobiles and payphones. NewsConnect or go towww.ntnews.com.au YES 43% (316 votes), NO 57% (425 votes) DOYOUknowof something in the Territory that needs fixing? Give The Fixer a call on 8944 9724 WHAT:Two street lights have been knocked over formore than a year at theHiddenValley overpass on Tiger BrennanDrive. WHOSRESPONSIBLE:Power andWater generalmanager of power networks, BertramBirk. PHONE: 8924 5400