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The Northern Territory news Thu 13 May 2010

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www.ntnews.com.au Northern Territory News, Thursday, May 13, 2010 13 P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 1 3 -M A Y -2 0 1 0 P A G E : 1 3 C O L O R : K Dont blame crews for people smuggling LETTEROFTHEDAY PEOPLE smugglers dont deserve prison. The people complaining about Justice Kellys comments on the unfairness ofmandatory sentencing for so-called people smugglers should actually read the reasons behind her statement, whichwas reported in theNorthern Territory News. The imprisoned people smugglers were poor fishermen whowere offered a paltry sum to bring a boat full of refugees into Australian waters. The tens of thousands of dollars the refugees paid for their spot on a leaky, cramped boat didnt go to the crew. It went to the organiser, no doubt an organised crime figure. Most crews on refugee boats come frompoor fishing villages on islands close to Australia islands they have historically fished. Thesewaters are now considered Australian, although their families have been fishing them since before Australia was a nation. They are unable to fish those seas because of the rigorous border protection regime now in place, whichmeans if theyre caught their boats are burnt. The seas around their islands have been fished out, primarily by multi-national fishing fleets, including Australian companies. The people are starving, their livelihood destroyed. If the Australian Government really wanted tomake an impact on people smuggling it should provide aid to these islands and help the people establish economically viable communities. The fishermenwould then have no need to ferry refugees into Australian waters and the organised crime gangs running the people smuggling racket would lose their workers. RohanWightman, Parap CAPTIVEVOTERS: Inmates look out between cell bars as theywait their turn to vote at the QuezonCity Jail, QuezonCity, east of Manila. Polls opened in the Philippines national elections on Monday, with an estimated 40 million Filipinos turning out to elect a newpresident and more than 17,000 other positions. Picture: AFP PHOTO /NOELCELIS PICK OF THE PICS LETTERS Rates assistance needed AS THE 2010 NT Budget has now been handed down, there appears to be no consideration given by the Government as to the updating of their contribution to the concession benefit for council rates for pensioners and carers. The inequities that exist in the system at budget time seem heavily biased against assistance to pensioners and carers. This issue needs to be addressed and I would suggest that the NT Government take time to consult with all stakeholders involved. The Government must address this issue and assist the 15,000-plus pensioner and carers with a local council rates benefit that is realistic and updated annually. The current benefit is hopelessly out of date and does not reflect current market forces. Barry Densley JP, Katherine Courts too lenient THREE years jail for third assault on the same person is just not enough. The magistrate should have given the maximum sentence allowable. Scum like this should not be allowed to enjoy any freedom when they behave like wild animals. Brett, Katherine Defending benefits DEAR Government, I have just read the article Defence toe-cutters sharpen secateurs over personal shifts in the Northern Territory News, May 11, 2010 and I was not impressed. As an army wife whose life is turned upside down every four to six years, I am a little surprised that you would want to take away the few nice things we get in this deal. I have been in Darwin for six years and out of those years I have only seen my husband for 13 months. If it was not for our son and our pets, it would be very lonely at home. I cannot see how you can justify telling families that you cant take your pets with you when you move most pets are so much part of the family that everyone would be heartbroken to leave them behind. I can understand the need to limit how many pets are moved but if you expect people to keep on doing their job you have to give them something. As for the flights from remote areas, when my son was born, my husband was deployed to a war zone just after I was released from hospital. If we did not have these flights I would not have been able to fly south to my family with my newborn child to spend time with my dying grandfather and I would have ended up under medical care as I suffered from very bad case of post-natal depression. I have been an army wife for 12 years and, over this time, we as a family have had to put up with a lot of stuff in the name of protecting our country. I do not think it is fair that our partners should risk their lives and for the families to have their lives uprooted without some sort of compensation. Should these changes come about I feel that the Defence force will lose members, as no one will want to stay in if their government keeps on taking away the few benefits we get. Name and address withheld Please explain budget DID anyone get what the Treasurer said? What normal person knows what fiscal means? Let alone fiscal consolidation. Fiscal means public treasury. It also means financial matters in general. It means money. I invite NT members from the Government and Opposition to make special commitments to speak to their constituents about the real meaning of the federal budget. Could be a tip for any local announcements, too! Please keep it real for the people. Louise Inglis, address withheld JEFF COATES WOOLNER NO.Youwould be in a nice group if you were. I think it is a bit of a joke really. NADIA LEE DARWIN CITY NO. (Colin Belle) hasnt looked in a mirror lately has he? No, it hasnt happened tome. MARGARET SMITH DARWIN CITY MAYBE.What about the poor chicks that get asked for ID just so the bouncer can get your address? JAN POST DRIVER NO. I dont think so. I cant say I have, what a shame. How do you do it? CHELSEA ALVES STUART PARK NO. It makesme sad actually. I feel like Ive been left out. HAVE you ever been victimised for being ridiculously good looking? Letters to the Editor should be kept to 175 words or less. Send your letters to GPO Box 1300, Darwin, 0801, or email ntnmail@ntnews.com.au You must include your name, home address or PO Box number. Name and address will be withheld on request. The Northern Territory News reserves the right to edit letters 0428 NTNEWS (686 397) ONBOUNCERS vs TRADIES Re: vic bouncer theres nothing more sexy then a sweaty tradie after a big day at work. Plus you snd like ya full of yourself. hot chick To young single good looking bouncer at the Vic. Bouncers fit in the catagory of little beef cake boys withmuscles built in gym. Tradies muscles are fromhard labouring workwhich is whywomen are turned on by tradies/realmen get muscles fromhard yacka.TheWise OldOwl, Batchelor To young single good looking bouncer you are a joke. Us tradies work hard all week building peoples dreams. You stand out the front of a pub. Its not rocket science ya creep First off the law is no intoxicated in the venue. Thats whywe throw your beloved tradies out!We dont need tools we gotmuscle unlike tradies! Dont judge a book by its cover look past the sterotypes! Get to know us!Single good looking bouncer Id take a solid bouncer over a tradie. Problem is, bouncers have young drunk chicks flirting with themall night and sometimes temptations just toomuch. Froma bouncers ex. ONOTHERTHINGS Nowonder Derek Zoolander never goes toMitchell St.What would happen to thosewho claim to be 'really, really good-looking' ;) Felix, Leanyer Why does dcc book somany for parking but none for littering ? Clean othersmessmust cost them heaps dean, bees creek BarkingMad h/s.Totally agree.We dont run air conwet or dry and peace n quiet wreckd by barking dogs all hrs. Shire does nothing when u ring. Lenny, H/S On sunday territorian news headline, i think goodwarning 4 people in rural, snake canwrap around childrens neck, could b while they sleeping.Tk Fixing & installing street lights! only to have ppl say too bright & dhead drivers runin emover! next whinger gets a free street light up there arse!Pawaworker Myer is Australian, Aldi is German. Where do you think yourmoney will end up?Not here in Australia. To thewanker who calledme a wanker (SatMay 8) for voting labor get a grip umoron! U think any political party is about tightening their own belt 4 u! Howard is gone. Yay!! Join a union With all the propaganda theGov posts out, they nevermention their spending on the printing industry? I saw a ghost last Friday. Travelling in a fancy chariot. Couldnt believe my eyes so doubled checked but was too late as it disappeared. I think hes themodern day, headless horseman. Swimming and fishing in the territory, bloody idiots ? Or just bloody keen? Its a risk you take, to enjoy some of themost beautiful swimming and fishing spots in Aust.We know there are crocs, its a risk but it is our own, let us be territorians! Izzy, Rapid Creek Keep yourmessage short, include your name and suburb. Normal call costs apply. More texts online at www.ntnews.com.au