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Parliamentary record : Part I debates (19 August 1981)



Parliamentary record : Part I debates (19 August 1981)


Debates for 3rd Assembly 1980 - 1983; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 3rd Assembly 1980 - 1983




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DEBATES - Wednesday 19 August 1981 but their families work with them 6 days a week. It is only reasonable to expect that they take 1 day off a week. If large supermarkets and other large shops open on Sundays, they will be forced also to open on a Sunday to compete. This is where the situation becomes unfair in another way. In many cases, it is a family that is working 6 days a week. If they have to open on Sunday, the family will be working 7 days a week. I have been told the large supermarkets employ junior staff at the weekends so the wages bill is not so high. They are operating at an advantage from that point. of view. If Sunday trading is contemplated by these larger stores, I hope they give plenty of notice to the minister. I believe they said they would do that. I hope, too, notice will be given to the small shopkeepers so that they can make arrangements for the conduct of their business in that situation. I have spoken several times and asked questions of the honourable Minister for Community Development regarding the establishment and running of a largeanimal pound in the rural area. The weekend before last there was nearly another fatality in the rural area. It happened to one of my constituents and I am very concerned about the welfare of my constituents. The incident occurred near the Elizabeth River where there is a small mob of brumbies. I have seen a mob of about 8 but I have been told there is a mob of about 12. This constituent was travelling just over the Elizabeth River on his way into town. A horse carne from his left-hand side to cross the highway and hit the front part of his car, forcing it onto the incorrect side of the road across the path of an oncoming truck and just off the other side of the road. Luckily, the oncoming truck was not loaded; it was going out of town. It was not speeding and it was able to stop without any further complications developing. Needless to say, the car was extensively damaged and my constituent was greatly shaken. He rang the police to see what could be done about the remaining '11 brumbies at the Elizabeth River. The police were very polite. They checked through the legislation and there was nothing they could do. They told him politely that they could not do anything and that is the truth. There is no pound-keeper to round up these animals and float them to a pound and there dispose of them in a suitable way. How much longer are we to have dangerous straying stock in the rural area? Our horses and donkeys got out last weekend. They broke down a gate. When we finally got all of them in yesterday, we had an extra horse. It is a clean-skin - it is not rustling. We have collected some of this straying stock. I do not know whether it is going to be to our advantage or not because probably the animal will not like being confined and will break down fences to get out and lead our stock out again. There is a definite problem. I have been told that section 75 of the Summary Offences Act covers it. It does not, Mr Deputy Speaker. I hope that something is done about these animals before there are fatalities on the roads. I do not want to see them shot wantonly and left - which could not happen because one cannot leave bodies like that around - because that would be a definite health hazard and a definite waste of protein. Something must be done. Either they should be gathered into a pound by a pound-keeper or used legitimately - if they are clean-skins - for pet meat. I do not think there is much branded stock around and, therefore, to ask owners to gather in their stock is unnecessary. Anybody who has lost any stock knows where it is likely to be and goes after it. Another incident connected with this mob of brumbies running at the Elizabeth River could have been very nasty. There was a young girl riding a gelding down there. Her horse was well managed. She happened to meet the brumbies and there was a stallion amongst them. She had a tricky time there for a while because there was a slight altercation between the brumby stallion and her gelding. This happened on the side of the Stuart Highway at the Elizabeth 1332