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Parliamentary record : Part I debates (11 November 1986)



Parliamentary record : Part I debates (11 November 1986)


Debates for 4th Assembly 1983 - 1987; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 4th Assembly 1983 - 1987




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DEBATES - Tuesday 11 November 1986 Already, 1 terminal in the Darwin Bureau of Criminal Intelligence Section is linked to the Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence system in Canberra. National computer links will ensure that the best possible sources of information are available to our police force. The Darwin system should be installed by Christmas this year and operable in January or February 1987, after the existing manual base has been fully entered. Once the system has been used for some time, and adequately tested, it is likely that Alice Springs and other centres will be connected. Recently, I announced 2 administrative rearrangements in the area of women's affairs. The government's Office of Equal Opportunity is moving back to the Office of the Public Service Commissioner while the Women's Advisory Council is to report di rectly to me. For the past 16 months, the Offi ce of Equal Opportunity has been within the Department of the Chief Minister. Transferring this function to the Office of the Public Service Commissioner will ensure that the principle of equal opportunity is applied within the public service in a more direct and integral way. The Office of the Public Service Commissioner has the Aboriginal Development Branch and Interpers, the Darwin bank of information on the Northern Territory Public Service. It is important there should be close cooperation between these groups to enable effective equal opportunity measures to be implemented. Equal opportunity plans must be developed in consultation with the unions. The Office of Equal Opportunity will be able work closely with the Industrial Relations Unit within the Office of the Public Service Commissioner to ensure that consultation takes place. The bffice will continue to identify areas in employment or the delivery of services where equal opportunity is not available or is being denied. The Office of Equal Opportunity will continue to play a wider role in promoting the principles of equal opportunity both in employment and the provision of services throughout the Northern Territory. The office is available to assi~t companies in the private sector who wish to develop equal opportunity approaches in management. I have directed that, from now on, the Womens' Advisory Council will report directly to me instead of to the Minister for Community Development as was formerly the case. later, I will make a much more detailed statement on women's affairs to the Assembly. In July this year I announced that the public service would be reduced by some 400 positions by June next year. I am pleased to. report that this reduction is being achieved mainly through natural attrition and by limiting recruitment, and in total consultation with the trade union movement. The Office of the Public Service Commissioner has provided me with a recent report on the success of the program. The figures provided are indicative only as not all departments and authorit~es are on the Interpers system yet. The figures are complicated also by the fact that cessations and recruitments refer to actual numbers while total staff numbers have been converted to equivalent full-time figures. The figures show that, on 30 October, there were 15 153 staff employed in the public sector, 303 less than at 30 June. These staff levels cover all paid staff, including Commonwealth-funded staff. Recruits for the same period totalled 794, which again covers only those reflected by Interpers. Even though there will be an overall reduction in the public service, the government has implemented a range of strategies to ensure that as many school leavers as possible are offered employment within Northern Territory departments and statutory authorities. A direction has been issued to create job opportunities within departments and authorities for NT school 816