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Parliamentary record : Part I debates (11 November 1986)



Parliamentary record : Part I debates (11 November 1986)


Debates for 4th Assembly 1983 - 1987; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 4th Assembly 1983 - 1987




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DEBATES - Tuesday 11 November 1986 environment where people want to invest their money and develop growth. People come here because it is progressive and because they see that we are doing something. That fellow over there has no understanding. He talks about the ABRD funding and says that it is federal funding. For his information, actually it is money raised from a fuel excise. It does not come under the control of the federal Treasurer; it is under the control of the federal Minister for Roads. Motorists provide that money which is to be spent on roads. It has nothing to do with the greedy federal Treasurer and that is a good thing. The only reason why the ABRD is still in place is because the federal Treasurer cannot get his greasy, sticky fingers on it. Then, he mentioned Rum Jungle and said that he hoped that the Territory government would never do that again. It had nothing to do with the Territory government. Most certainly, it would not have ended up in that terrible environmental mess if it had been under our control, Mr Speaker. Before I turn to the subject of schools, I will cover some of the points raised by the member for Arafura. As I said before, the man is a great actor, but he does not stick to any truth or any substance. He started off with his little business of praising the government about police in schools, but then he said that it had been brought about because we had a terrible drug and alcohol problem in schools. That is not the reason why the police are there. They are there in order to create an environment of understanding between police and students, and to allow proper attitudes to develop. The drug and alcohol problem is not in the schools; it is amongst young people. Definitely students are not getting drunk at school or coming under the influence of drugs. There may be an occasional exception but those problems are far less prevalent in the schools here than in the states. However, the inference of the member for Arafura was that we have a raging problem and have put police in schools because of it. That is total garbage. It is a great program, Mr Speaker. It creates a greater understanding between the police and students and it creates a change in attitudes amongst young people regarding police and their own behaviour. To try to link it to drugs and alcohol in schools is most demeaning to the teachers. Those problems are not there in the way that the ex-Leader of the Opposition tried to suggest. He stated then that the states spend 46% of their budgets on education and we spend 25%. I do not know where he got those figures but they are not based on fact; they are total pie-in-the-sky. 46%! That is almost half of a state budget. If he can show me a state that spends almost half of its budget allocation on education, I will eat my hat in the middle of Smith Street Mall. That statement is total garbage! I will go through what we spend on education and how we compare to the states because we are so far in front that it isn't funny. Despite the amazing statements from the member for Arafura, the old Darwin Hospital area has never been the site for all the development at Myilly Point. It has always been the site set aside for the last bit of development, for something that will occur in 10 years time. It has never been the site for the first development which was always intended to occur at the seaward end of Myilly Point which is, indeed, the most picturesque site in Darwin city. This business about students hopping from one side of the town to the other is garbage. The permanent site that has been set aside for the 825