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Parliamentary record : Part I debates (27 February 1990)



Parliamentary record : Part I debates (27 February 1990)


Debates for 5th Assembly 1987 - 1990; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 5th Assembly 1987 - 1990




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DEBATES - Tuesday 27 February 1990 affairs program Four Corners. A few years ago, amphetamines were not only tolerated, they were legal. Methedrine and drugs of that ki!]d could be purchased freely from chemists. Commercial drugs such as No-Doze were available and the advertising blurb said that a person could drive all day and all night if he used it. Drugs of that kind contained amphetamines. The community has gradually changed its thinking on amphetamines. They are banned now. They are seen to be causing very serious problems in the trucking industry, and have been connected with some of the horrendous acci dents that have occurred recently. We have wi tnessed the growth of a trade in amphetami nes under the control of bi k i e groups. A few years ago, amphetamines could be purchased easily and now we are finding that they are destroying lives and becoming the source of large incomes for people engaged in illegal trading. The more we learn about drugs, the more we learn of the problems that they are causing. Every day, we are learning more about drugs like marijuana. We are learning more about tobacco and alcohol." We have a responsibility to ensure that any legislation that we enact can be implemented. We have a responsibil ity to put across the message that drugs should not be available in our community and that we are taking all steps to ensure that our legislation prevents drug abuse. Motion agreed to; bill read a second time. In committee: Misuse of Drugs Bill (Serial 199): Clauses 1 and 2 agreed to. Clause 3: Mr MANZIE: Mr Chairman, I move amendment 101.1. Amendment agreed to. Mr MANZIE: Mr Chairman, I move amendments 101.2 and 101.3. Mr BELL: I note that amendment 101.2 amends the definition of 'dangerous drug ' . It makes it much more specific. The insertion is tightening the legislation because it omits from the definition lany part of the plant ' and inserts in its stead lany part of the plant being a part not specified in schedule 1 or 2 from which a substance or thing referred to in schedule 1 or 2 can be obtained ' . Can the minister explain the need for that redrafting? Mr MANZIE: The purpose of amendment 101.2 is twofold. First, it will ensure that only those parts of a plant from which a dangerous drug can be extracted or obtained are covered by the definition of a 'dangerous drug ' . For example, the fl oweri ng head of the cannabi s plant is covered, but not the innocuous fibre of the plant. Secondly, it will ensure that a single plant cut into 100 parts does not become, by definition, 100 plants. Amendments agreed to. Clause 3, as amended, agreed to. Clauses 4 to 6 agreed to. 8851