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Parliamentary record : Part I debates (02 October 1990)



Parliamentary record : Part I debates (02 October 1990)


Debates for 5th Assembly 1987 - 1990; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 5th Assembly 1987 - 1990




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DEBATES - Tuesday 2 October 1990 of his own to canvass this equivocal attitude towards the Tangentyere social club proposal. Mr Hatton: Absolute nonsense. Mr BELL: The Minister for Health and Community Services can rise later in this debate and tell us what his attitude is, what actually he did at Papunya that day and .. Mr Hatton: It has nothing to do with this. Mr BELL: That says it all, Mr Speaker. The Minister for Health and Community Service says that it had nothing to do with this. The thrust of the opposition's attitude to this bill is that it has everything to do with this. The people of Papunya visit Alice Springs, many of them to buy alcohol; Their attitude towards organisations like the Tangentyere social club and towards law-and-otder issues are important. The chief problem with this government is that it is unable to relate to issues. Some cheap politics are being played with this bill at the expense of a constructive attitude towards solving the problems associated with alcohol abuse in the Northern Territory. The opposition, which is shortly to become the government in the Northern Territory, will continue its constructive attitude. My attent i on was drawn to comments made by the member for Katheri n.e in the Katherine Times in which he was playing his own bit of local politics with questions relating to alcohol abuse and public drinking in Katherine. As he is given to doing - without putting too fine a point on it - he distorted the truth with breathtaking ease. The member for Katherine said that a Territory Labor government would repeal the 2 km law. Presumably, the member for Katherine will recall his comment in the .Katherine Times to that effect. If he wou 1 d 1 ike me to go to my off ice and get the actuq 1 c 1 i ppi ng that passed across my desk to that effect, I am more than happy to do so. The member for Katherine should be aware that a Territory Labor government wi 11 allow the Sess i onal Committee on the Use and Abuse of Alcohol by the Community to do its work, and will consider,the recommendations of that committee. No undertakings have been given that a Territory Labor government will repeal the 2 km law, b~t I will go so far as to say that I look forward to a time when a 2 km law is not necessary and when a 2 km 1 aw is not on the statute books in the North.ern Terri tory, because such a law will no longer be relevant. That will come about because we will have provided the appropriate mix of social programs and, deterrents by way of legislation and penalty Mr Hatton: Tell us about them. Mr BELL: .. to make it unnecessary. All I can say in answer to the minister's interjection is that screwing down on the 2 km law like this is not the way to do it. I look forward to the contribution of the Minister for Health and Community Services .in this debate, although I expect that he will not contribute because really he is not interested. He says that the question of the health of the Territory community is irrelevant to this bi 11 and he is entirely uninterested. I think that is a shame. I think that the Minister for Health and Community Services should be prepared on contribute to the broad ~uestions. This bill is unnecessary and, as I say, the opposition will be moving that this be 10 684