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Parliamentary record : Part I debates (02 October 1990)



Parliamentary record : Part I debates (02 October 1990)


Debates for 5th Assembly 1987 - 1990; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 5th Assembly 1987 - 1990




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DEBATES - Tuesday 2 October 1990 odour and these sprays are of concern to people also. Perhaps people in the honourab 1 e mi n i ster I s department cou 1 d look at a cond it i on to the 1 i cence relating to notification to the neighbours of the type of poison that is to be sprayed. An amendment to the Poi son and Dangerous Drugs Act mi ght be necessary, stating quite clearly that only a person who has a legitimate use for schedule 7 poisons is eligible for a licence for their use. Nowhere in that act is mention made about misuse of the poisons, and I believe this could be examined also. It was put to me that there were provlslons in the Summary Offences Act to take account of nuisances committed by people in the community against other members of the community but, on speaking to a person who has much more legal training than I do, it would appear that the Summary Offences Act provisions relating to nuisance would be rather hard to apply. That raises the question of the innocent parties, the neighbours, having to take action in order to curb the perceived irresponsible actions of a neighbour. It would be far better if the onus for action were to be placed on the shoulders of the person using the sprays. I would hasten to add that I am not against the spraying of pesticides at appropri ate times because the supermarkets and the shops all have to display fruit and vegetables for sale that .are unblemished. The community has come to accept that the thing to buy is unblemished fruit and vegetables. People do not want fruits and vegetables with bugs and insects in them, and they do not want them with sun scald or blossom-end .rot or anything like that. Produce has to be perfect for the market and, consequently, pesticides and other sprays have to be used at the appropriate times. The Minister for Primary Industry and Fisheries answered my question when I asked him about the draft codes of practice for animal rearing. I was particularly concerned because it was brought to my attention that 2.drafts of these codes of practice have been issued and, whilst perhaps consultation may have taken place with the industry, I do not think that has been done in an adequate fashion. I understand that codes of practice have been drawn up, in this second draft publication, for pigs, deer, goats, transport of animals and saleyard practices. The 2 that particularly concern me are those dealing with goats and poultry, although I would be very interested to read those relating to the other animals. Whilst recognising that animals have to be treated in a fair and caring way, I know it is only common sense that a farmer who has animals would treat his animals in a fair and caring way . Looking at the bottom line, if he does not, he win not make any dollars out of them. The farmer is in the business of farming animals to make money and, in doing that, naturally he will look after their welfare. Unfortunately, there are some that do not, but these are in the minority. I have no problem with accepting a certain code of practice but I be 1 i eve that what I and many other people do is sens i b 1 e practi ce whi ch looks after the welfare of the animal. However, what concerns me is that there was inadequate consultation with the industry. I know that there is a subcommittee here and I know there is representation from primary industry on this ministerial committee to represent our views. Perhaps the poultry industry was consulted, but other people apart from the major poultry producers are interested in poultry rearing and breeding in the Territory. I believe those people should have been consulted, and they have not been. There is an extremely active Poultry Breeders Club in the Top End, and I know for a fact that this club has not been consulted by the . 10 714