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Parliamentary record : Part I debates (16 August 1990)



Parliamentary record : Part I debates (16 August 1990)


Debates for 5th Assembly 1987 - 1990; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 5th Assembly 1987 - 1990




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DEBATES - Thursday 16 August 1990 section 4 'beds and banks of watercourses and lakes are not alienated'. In other words, individuals are not allowed to say that they are their property and to bulldoze at will. This action was carried out in May this year when a bulldozer was used to remove material from the bank of the river. The person was approached after Conservation Commission officers had investigated the matter. After the acti on had been performed, the person then sought approval, withi n the Northern Terri tory Government Gazette, to carry out that act ion. The appl ication to carry out thi's activity was put in by one Huia Nominees Pty Ltd. A check with the Companies Office reveals that the owner of that company is Donald Hoare. Mr Reed: Mr Speaker, does it matter who did it, or is the action the problem? Get to the point. Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order! Mr BAI LEY: An act i on was carri ed out that was ill ega 1 under the provisions of the Control of Waters Act. It is my understanding that the banks of the river were under the control of the Conservation Land Management Group .. Mr Hatton: Conservation Land Corporation. Mr' BAILEY: The Conservation Land Corporation. No permission was sought for that action to be carried out. Not only that, I understand that the Conservat i on Commi ss i on has lodged an object i on to the app 1 i cat i on for the activity to be carried out. The minister may 1 ike to comment on that. I ask the government how it is that a person is able to get away wi th carrying out an action that is illegal, and then apply for permission to do it after it has been done. I leave it to the people of the Territory Mr Hatton: When was the action specifically carried out? Mr BAILEY: The action involved the bulldozing of material from the bank ... Mr Hatton:, When? Mr BAILEY:' In May of this year. Mr Hatton: Do you have evidence Of that? Mr BAILEY: It was' done to create a causeway across the river to hold back the water. An application for ,that action to be carried out appeared in the Northern Territory Government Gazette of 6 June of this year. Mr Hatton: Have you reported it to the authorities? Mr BAILEY: Mr Dep\lty Speaker, the authorities are well aware of it. The information that I have obtained' has come from the minister's own personnel. Mr Reed: Have you been there? Mr Hatton: My personnel? Mr BAILEY: have not been there since the activity occurred. 9903