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Parliamentary record : Part I debates (16 August 1990)



Parliamentary record : Part I debates (16 August 1990)


Debates for 5th Assembly 1987 - 1990; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 5th Assembly 1987 - 1990




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DEBATES - Thursday 16 August 1990 members opposite accepted what we had estab 1i shed, perhaps grudgingly, in April or May, when it was established and we explained. how it was to work. They felt then that that was okay. But, all of a sudden, they are not prepared to let that run its course, and it will not be very long now. I do not know' when Mr Mulholland will report or when this matter will be concluded. It might be on the eve of an election sometime. It might be terr'ibly embarrassing for myself and the government. I, have absolutely no idea what will be said, but I am prepared to let the matter take its course. I have faith in the Northern Territory Police Force. Occasionally, it may contai n a bad app 1 e. I guess every pol ice force does ~ I have enormous faith in it. I would place my life in the hands of the Commissioner of Police at any time; He is a man of the most outstanding integrity. If he thought that I was doing something wrong as Chief Minister, he would have me sorted out through the 1 ega 1 process ina fl ash, and so he shou 1 d. He is that type of man. He wou 1 d rather not be the Commi ss i oner of Police lin 3 seconds, than take a direction from me that he bel i eved was not proper, and that is a fact. That is why I support him. I hope we never lose that man. Mr Speaker I 1 et us not let peop 1 e who know peop 1 e, who know peop 1 e, who know other people who have some information dictate how this Assembly and this government establish procedures to bring malpractice to light. That is all I ask. Let us be reasonable. Let me conclude by saying this. If no one in government can be trusted and no politician can be trusted, it seems that members of the oppos i t i on believe that there is a pri vate soli c i tor somewhere who can be trusted. They say that this is the answer. These persons can go to a private solicitor at any time of their choice. And I am absolutely sure that ,after consultation with the Secretary of the Department' of Law; that private solicitor will be able to assure his or her clients, absolutely to their satisfaction, that this information will be transmitted to Mr Mulholland. Mr,Speaker, there is no necessity for this motion. necessity for urgency and I move that the question be put. The, Assembly divided: Ayes 15 Mr Coll ins Mr Coulter Mr Dondas Mr Finch Mr Firmin Mr Harris Mr Hatton Mr McCarthy Mr Manzie MrPalmer Mr Perron Mr Poole Mr Reed, Mr Setter Mr Vale Motion agreed to. Noes 9 MrBailey Mr Bell Mr Ede Mr Floreani Mr Lanhupuy Mr Leo Mr Smith Mr Tipiloura Mr Tuxworth There is no Mr SPEAKER: The question'is now that the motion be agreed to. 9880