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Sunday Territorian 4 Apr 2010


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www.sundayterritorian.com.au Sunday Territorian, Sunday, April 4, 2010 39 P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 4 -A P R -2 0 1 0 P A G E : 3 9 C O L O R : K April 4, 2010 lif e st yl e @ n tn ew s. co m .a u >Donna Hay 45 >Books 41 >Fishing 42 >Hello Baby 52 >Television 55 Growing breastlines causing storm in E-cup By EMILY POWER WOMEN are getting curvier, with bra sales indicating cleavages are rapidly rising, by a cup size a year. The modern woman is bustier than ever, with the size of the best-selling bra in the market for buxom ladies going up every year since 2006 from an E to an H cup. A growing phenomenon of women who wear size six, eight, or 10 clothing, but who have big breasts, has driven one voluptuous lingerie brand, Panache, to double its sales figures in the financial year from 2008-09. Chests are expanding but womens back and torso measurements are staying the same, according to Karen Edbrooke, owner of Big Girls Dont Cry Anymore, the Australian distributor of Panache. Experts said the only possible medical explanation for the boob boost is that the general population is becoming heftier. Most people in the business have noticed this happening over some time, said Dr Stewart Hart, a breast and oncology specialist from Monash Universitys Department of Surgery. It probably, in my opinion, parallels the general increase in population weight. Breast tissue is largely made up of fat, so it would seem logical that if you have a general increase in weight in the population, that some of that is going to be in the fat tissue in breasts. I think that would be the only feasible medical explanation. There is not any other theory as to why breast size should be larger now than it was 10 years ago. Julie, a customer of specialist curvy girls store Brava Lingerie in Prahran, Melbourne, said she had considered surgery to reduce her natural 8G or 10FF bust before finding comfortable, feminine smalls in her size. Ms Edbrooke said customers with averagesize back measurements but large cup sizes were getting younger. I had a 19-year-old girl who was a size 8J, she said. We never used to fit size eight and 10 girls, but now, we get size eights and 10s in (to be fitted for a bra) every day. CHOCOLATE SHOCK: Kids who eat a 500g Easter egg tomorrow can work it off in a 70km run Choccy delight to cost you this Easter Only those with the strongestwillpower can resist chocolate temptation at this time of year so dont deprive yourself completely By MARY PAPDAKIS A USTRALIANS who plan to indulge in chocolate today have been warned you will need to run for up to 70km to work off a tempting 500g Easter egg. An adult or a child who enjoys a 150g milk or white chocolate bilby or bunny containing more than 3200kj and about 41g of fat would have to run 10km or 20km respectively. Alternatively, they could swim for 2.7km or 5.4km. The damage increases with a 250g Easter chocolate treat, at more than 5300kj and about 70g of fat, with an adult or child having to do aerobics for 2.5 hours or five hours respectively to work it off. To burn off a 500g egg, with almost 11,000kjs and about 140g of fat, an adult would have to run for 35km or swim for 9km, with a 10-year-old child having to run for 70km or swim for 18km. If that doesnt appeal, adults can don a leotard and take part in a marathon five hour aerobics class, or 10 hours for a child. But the news isnt all bad. Deakin University nutrition expert Dr Tim Crowe said there was a way to enjoy a treat and minimise the damage. Only those with the strongest willpower can resist chocolate temptation at this time of year so dont deprive yourself completely, he said. Enjoy a brief chocolate binge and then get back on with your normal healthy eating plan. Dr Crowes tips included buying a smaller amount of high quality, expensive chocolate, spreading your chocolate fix over a month, rather than one weekend, and going for dark instead of milk chocolate, which was better for your health.