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Sunday Territorian 4 Apr 2010



Sunday Territorian 4 Apr 2010


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46 Sunday Territorian, Sunday, April 4, 2010 www.sundayterritorian.com.au P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 4 -A P R -2 0 1 0 P A G E : 4 6 C O L O R : K LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO Something you wanted will come to you suddenly and unexpectedly but you need to take care because things are not always what they seem to be. Good for water sports and travel. Relationships: Good for being with friends but there could be deceptive conditions which leave you with egg on your face. With Mars activated in your angle of love and romance, beaut things will surely happen. Money: Small wins. Health: The eyes. There will be a boost to prestige with a small promotion. Just watch out, this could well be a Claytons promotion. At least the boost will be welcome. Past conditions will be repeated. Relationships: Not much happening in your love life, in fact from about the middle of the week on, you might be saying what love life? Dont worry Taurus, things will improve. Money: On the home. Health: Improving. If you are not actually planning on a long trip on or by water at the moment, you will start planning one this week. This is a good idea and now is a good time to make your arrangements. So start ringing around. Relationships: The week starts slowly in this part of your life but improves after Thursday. This is the time to let people come to you so let it be known you are enthusiastic and a good catch. Money: A leak. Health: The neck. The sun on your midheaven will bring improved prestige with work or career. At the same time it brings more work and responsibility which you will enjoy, for a while. Check the accuracy of all household bills. Relationships: Good for all relationships, especially intimate liaisons. The stars might lend too much intensity to your relationships for your comfort but you enjoy them anyway. Money: Spending well. Health: Pretty good. Training courses or education, especially advanced education will be important. There could also be concern about a special religious ceremony such as a christening or a wedding. Relationships: The last quarter of the moon falls in your angle of marriage and intimate relationships. This brings increased intimacy and overcomes obstacles. Money: A spending spree. Health: Watch weight. Your current stars bring triumphs of one sort or another but more than that, they bring lucky breaks or news of lucky breaks within the next three weeks. You might have to rethink some ideas. Relationships: Fair for love and passion. You and partner are enthusiastic but enthusiasm is nothing without opportunity and opportunities will be thin on the ground. Its time to make your own opportunities. Money: Changeable. Health: Tummy region. Much of the action of the week will involve sorting out mistakes made last week or maybe the week before. This is where that analytical mind will come in handy. Settle down and work out whats going on. Relationships: There are intimate moments indicated but I dont see much of the action that makes the earth move. Early in the week has opportunities for quick-thinking Librans. Money: Improving. Health: The eyes. Things work out surprisingly well for you and you are not even trying. The best thing about this week is the way one thing seems to dovetail into the next and you reap rewards for little or no effort on your part. Relationships: The sun in your angle of love and romance brings good vibes for being with your special person. There are also good vibes for being with happy people and younger people. Money: Through work. Health: Pretty good. Probably because it is Easter week, much of the emphasis is on getting things done early and catching up with stuff which really should have been done last week. To top it all off you will feel less than perfect. Relationships: There are superb stars for your love life and other close associations. These stars will bring love and affection and conditions which make you glad you are in your current position. Money: Favours joint finances. Health: Drained vitality. Some activity or project has been threatening to end but it has been hanging on so long you are now convinced it wont end. Wrong! This thing is about to end this week. By and large, this is a good thing for you. Relationships: Your current stars bring happy times and a special joy in your love life. These vibes will bring out the lover in your soul. You will be popular with fellow workers too. Money: Beware of cheats. Health: The shins. A week when you do a lot of running around and fussing for someone close, possibly a relative. Its also a week when you start thinking about changing your wheels. Do you go for comfort or value? Relationships: You have good stars for love and passion. I dont see the earth moving so this week is unlikely to stand out on your calendar but excitement builds as things start happening. Money: A small increase. Health: Infections. Personal possessions will be important. This is unusual because you dont usually let little things bother you. However, with your present stars you could well rush to replace something lost, strayed or stolen. Relationships: It seems every time you sort out one problem another crops up to take its place and this is how things are this week. Under the present stars it wont be easy to be patient. Money: Looking good. Health: Cuts or burns.