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Middle School Notices Year 6A Connor When Paul from CSIRO visited us this week. The students were overjoyed to learn about Science and hypotheses. We got to see how long it takes for tiny sugar crystals, small crystals, medium crystals and large crystals to dis solve in water. We also used an electric stirrer and magnet capsule to stir the sugar into the water. Following this ex periment, we wrote down our results and compared them to other groups. All groups recognise the different amounts of time it took to dissolve the different crystals. We worked out the errors that might have caused this. After the sugar crystal experiment, we got to see whether a toy skateboard would go faster with weight or with height. We then experimented to find our own way to get the skateboard to go faster using plastic. The last experiment we did was the UV beads. The beads are all white and as we put them under the UV light they changed colour. We put different shades over the top of the beads to see which shade would keep the UV light off of them. We then counted the amount of beads that had changed colour to see which shade was most effective. Over all we had a great time working with Science! Jaime-Lee Sheppard and Melody Lay Year 6B Bakker The students in 6B have been very busy in all of their sub jects. In Mathematics, we have been learning about addi tion and subtraction of fractions as well as focusing on frac tion rules in Mathletics. We all had a very exciting time on Monday with the CSIRO Science Education Program as Apprentice Scientists. The students had the chance to see how fast their skate boards could travel, which sugars dissolved the quickest as well as many other exciting experiments. Much fun was had by all. Natasha Byrne has once again been very busy swimming. On Saturday she participated in the Top End Storm Swim ming Club Championship. She successfully received three gold medals for 100m Breaststroke, 100m Butterfly and 200m Individual Medley. She also received two bronze in Freestyle and 100m Backstroke. Well done Natasha! Leanne Bakker Middle School Report This week we hear from Ms Mali Grossman, our Middle Schools Legal Studies, English, Japanese and Italian teacher. Ms Grossman, as a teacher new to The Essing ton School Darwin, certainly brings with her a wide range of skills and subjects which have added enormous depth to our middle school program. This week, we hear about the Mock Parliament held by the Year 10 Legal Studies classes, and next week, we look forward to hearing about the teaching of Italian and Japanese in our middle years. Lyn Hollow Head of Middle School The Year 10 students are studying a Senior Secondary Stage 1 course entitled Legal Studies, aimed at delivering 10 credit points towards students Northern territory Certifi cate of Education (NTCE). Through the study of Legal Studies, students learn about the systems, structures and processes of the Australian legal system, and the history, sources and types of laws. They are able to explore legal issues and the strengths and weaknesses of our system. The students are currently working on the topic People, Structures and Processes. Part of this unit is to learn about the structure and processes of Parliament. One of the ne gotiated assessment tasks is to participate in a debate. Last Thursday, the class participated in a Parliamentary Role Play, where the class was divided into the Govern ment and the Opposition and debated the Prohibition of Electronic Devices Bill. This workshop gave students in sight into the composition of Parliament, the processes involved and the opportunity to develop debating skills. The Parliamentary Education Officer guided the students through the activity and provided gowns and props! The most valuable experience for the students was for the Hon ourable Madam Speaker Jane Aagaard to preside as Speaker (with Rachelle Tinning). Madam Speaker kept order in The Essington School Darwin Parliament and ex plained many valuable points to the class throughout the debate. I would like to thank Madam Speaker and the Par liamentary Education Committee for visiting the Year 10 students on this day. The role play was an excellent learn ing experience for all of the students and they enjoyed it very much. Mali Grossman The Essington School Darwin 4 Middle School Report Sergeant-at-Arms Kacy carries the Mace into the House