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Vollie News Thursday 25th March 2010 Page 4 NatCamp Jaime Janssen My name is Benjamin Janssen, I am 11years old. I have an article about NAT Camp That I would like to put into the Vollie News. I go to Alice Springs Cadets - Regards Benjamin By Benjamin Janssen On the 7th of Jan we flew over to Adelaide. So we got on the plane alright. When we got off the plane we found our entire contingent waiting for us. When everyone arrived we set of to Mylor Baptist Camp where Nat Camp will be held. On Friday 10th of January 2010 we were meant to go the Zoo, but it was cancelled because of the heat! Just about all of camp was 40-45degrees! Some people like Queenslanders and Northern Territorians were used to the heat but for some it was just too hot! On Saturday 9th of January 2010, Comps were on! Every State of Australia was competing in them. , Kristy and Jaime and I had the privilege of representing the NT in the comps. The scenario for the team event was: Four people were at a BBQ fundraiser and one of the men was carrying a chair when a Redback Spider came out of the chair and bit him on the arm. The man dropped the chair in surprise and in turn the lady who was cooking on the BBQ then accidently burnt her arm and the man who was eating his lunch started choking and the other lady was chopping up onions and in surprise lacerated her finger. Some Highlights of NAT Camp were going to Glenelg for a boating trip but unfortunately the boat cancelled just 5 mins before we were about to board! They said that the weather (which was wet and rainy) was too bad to go boating. Instead the NAT Camp Leaders ran down to the Beach house and got us some cards so we could then go to the beach house. We spent three hours at the beach house and then we went to the movies and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks - the Sequel. That was fun. So what was going to be a good day turned bad and then good again! We went Ice Skating at the Ice Skating Rink and that was fun. It was good that all the Cadets and even the adults gave it a go! The more experienced people went straight on the big ring but others (such as me) felt a little more comfortable in the small ring with the training chairs. In the end nearly everyone made it out onto the big ring. All I can say is Good on them! Now to the activity day! Trainers came out and all day we did activities from raft making in the pool to an adventure course that involved sliding through mud! But overall it was a great day! For the activities we were split into groups. Everyone got to go on every activity except for one. For example my group missed out on the Flying Fox but that was alright as we still got to do heaps of other cool stuff! I think what I enjoyed most was the archery! It was seeing everyone giving it a go! Daren Duff even hit the middle of the target! Last but certainly not least was the masquerade ball. Everyone had to get dressed up and wear a mask. At the masquerade ball dinner and drinks were served! It was a lot of fun. Well, overall I found NAT Camp really fun and awesome and I would really recommend people going to it in Brisbane 2011!