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Vollie News Thursday 25th March 2010 Page 6 Katherine News Tanea Rudder Hello to all, Tanea reporting from Katherine. We all know the saying that it never rains but always pours...Well! Thats how it is. Im not referring to the weather in the literal sense, but now that it is coming in to the dry season business is sure picking up. Duties to do, fun meetings at hand and our long term goal of achieving the completion of our driving course is happening as we speak. Last Thursday night we had Katherine Fire Services come on to centre to show us what they had in their Fire Truck. We also had another exciting night with the Driving course as Craig had come down to assess our driving on road before we all could start our log books. There are some funny stories to tell on this occasion but I will leave it for another day. I will say one thing though; sorry Amy, had to do it. When you are driving at night in Katherine and you find an owl on the road, dont swerve to hit it because that would be endangering others on the road, just drive straight over him and make sure there is plenty of clearance either side of the wheels so you dont run him over. I can just imagine this poor owl sitting in the middle of the road shaking its head, looking rather dazed with a few ruffled tail feathers thinking to itself its not safe anywhere these days hahahaha. Friday afternoon Steve and I caught up with Steve Peers visiting the station on his way through to Darwin. It was good to catch up with Steve and all his news. I love it when visitors drop by to say hello. Thanks for the phone call Gwyn, otherwise we would have missed out on catching up with Steve. Friday night was also the finals of the Rugby match attended by Amy, Ron and Mitch. A big thank you for covering the duty guys so Steve and I could have a social night out instead. No Casualties to report even though it was the Finals. Winning team were Barbarians; it was a very close game with the final team getting in a touchdown and conversion right on the full time siren.