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The Northern Territory news Sat 23 Jan 2010

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www.ntnews.com.au Northern Territory News, Saturday, January 23, 2010 39 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:23-JGE:39 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Advance Australias fare and rejoice LETTEROFTHEDAY SEVERAL years ago, whilst travelling inMorocco, I was asked what is traditional Australian food. I didnt think (at that time) that there was a traditional Aussie dish asmost of the dishes eaten here come from all parts of the world, BUT that was until Australia Day last year now I can unequivocally saywhat IS Australian food. After the Australia Day Fun Run, we feasted on bacon and eggs; then it was off to the Australian Day Citizen Ceremony in Darwin wherewe ate littlemeat pies and vegemite sandwicheswith our newest Australians. Our next meal was at the Australia Day Ute Runwherewe tucked into barbecued sausages and fried onions smothered in tomato sauce on a slice of bread, and then at the Palmerston Australia Day Citizen Ceremony wewere served lamingtons and pavlova, and fruit cake in the shape of Australia. Then, to top off a great Australia Day, wewent to a friends house for dinner and surrounded by family from all over theworld, we gorged ourselves on barbecued (slightly singedwhich, I have been told, is an important part of the cooking process) lamb chops and a goodAussie redwine, followed by beerSamKekovich would have been proud of us! When you are preparing for this Australia Day, this is yourmenu. Have a great Australia Day 2010. Carmel Touhy Boardmember Australia Day Council of the NT SAMBASTYLE:A model presents a creation byNeon as part of the 2010-2011 FallWinter collections of the Sao Paulo FashionWeek, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Picture: AFP Photo/ Mauricio LIMA PICK OF THE PICS LETTERS Oncology unit boost for NT IT IS great at last to see that the Oncology Unit was opened by the Prime Minister albeit without patients and all services functioning. I understand that all systems will be operational in March 2010 and that the first patients will start treatment at this time. The delay in opening from the 2001 election promise of the Territory Government rests solely on the Labor Government over this time. Funding has always been available by the Federal Governments of both persuasions for the project but the reluctance of the NT Labor Government to accept funding offered by the Coalition Government during the period 2001-2007 saw no progress on the unit much to the detriment of the health of many patients. At last it is finished and Im sure it will benefit many cancer sufferers in the NT. It is a wonderful addition to the Health Services provided by the NT and Federal Governments. Barry Densley JP, Katherine Time for government to go HAVING just read the Coroners report on the tragic deaths of the young baby and little girl, I was going to call for the immediate sacking of the Health Minister. But it is not just the Minister of Health who should go, it is the entire Labor Government. After years of mismanagement it is time they went. I ask Gerry Wood to accept some responsibility here as well. Had he not kept Labor in government these tragic cases my have been avoided. Gerry and Paul, be men and resign now and give us the opportunity to restore some credibility to NT Government. Toby Ryan, Stuart Park RDH smoking policy a joke WHEN is the management at the Department of Health and Families going to enforce the no smoking policy at RDH? Enough of the softly, softly warm and fuzzy stuff. Do your job and stop it because the smokers, staff included, at every entrance to RDH are laughing at you many times every day. Give those addicted a place to puff away well out the back of the hospital and well away from the 70 per cent of us who dont smoke. The previously stinky casino now smells like a rose by comparison to RDH. Any management at the casino want a job at RDH? R. Cahill, Palmerston Statehood just pipe dream AS A lifetime resident of the NT, I would ask your readers to consider how we can realistically discuss Statehood when we are not even able to function effectively as a Territory? The NT Government is currently held to ransom by a side deal with one MLA that effectively leaves the government hamstrung and unable to make the simplest decisions. It is hard to tell which department is functional these days when the Government even fails to provide space for our deceased at the morgue. Should we really be investing in a push for Statehood, or is it time to go back to Commonwealth control? Perhaps the ALP is wondering if Kevin Rudd is asking the same question. Scott McConnell, Alice Springs Get it right, Mr Cheezel man THE article on Mr Phil Jacksons solo cheese ring plight (NT News, January, 20, 2010) should ring alarm bells. Mr Jackson is 54 and his diet appears to consist of cheese rings (albeit only one) and KFC. I would suggest a rethink if he wants to live much longer. He also refers to What you lose on the hurdy-gurdy you pick up on the roundabout. A hurdy-gurdy is a roundabout. The correct expression is what you lose on the swings you pick up on the roundabout. Paul Walsh, Nightcliff Kit homes a winner in SA IT IS great to see so many affordable houses, in kit form, being erected all over South Australia. Makes one wonder why they cannot be used in the NT? Freight costs! Are they cheaper than Government charges? If so local Aboriginal Councils could apply directly to the Commonwealth and bypass the NT system. I wonder how much schooling is needed to pour a slab and use a spanner? Eli Nes, Nightcliff OTTO PHILLIPS STUART PARK NO. They deserve a second chance. LEA AITKEN WOOLNER NO. They deserve a second chance, but it does depend on the amount, and their age. BRUCE BALDEY BAYVIEW YES. If theyre well over the limit, highrange drink-driving. STEVE ALLEN ANULA NO.Not for first offenders, but definitely if theyre repeat offenders. RHONY BAYME THE NARROWS NO.Not after their first offence, But definitely for repeat offenders. Should drinkdrivers have their cars impounded after a first offence? Letters to the Editor should be kept to 175 words or less. Send your letters to GPO Box 1300, Darwin, 0801, or email ntnmail@ntnews.com.au You must include your name, home address or PO Box number. Name and address will be withheld on request. The Northern Territory News reserves the right to edit letters Keep yourmessage short, include your name and suburb. Normal call costs apply. More texts online at www.ntnews.com.au 0428 NTNEWS ONHOUSING Worker ripped off -my rent is a rip off Hendo, going to send you the bill for Labors failure to do anything about the housing crisis. How come the police forcemembers R never involved in these housing tit 4 tats? Tel u why! They get free rent or 19K a year 2 pay 4 their own home! Fair go ADF! ExAJ Teddie On govt housing. I looked after a disabledman that the govt put in a 3 bed house in palmo. He hated it there.Wewaited 3 years for them to move him. A needy family could have had it.KB,Winnellie NThousing.Well stated Robyn! I fully agree public tenants should b accountable same as private tenants. Theywork the system, see it happening every day in health services.A taxpayer. JENNY ONSMOKING I believe that your rights endwhere mine begin and vice versa. Nonsmokers have a right to expect not to have to live in smokey conditions should they choose so.Smoker, DundeeBeach (where people embrace their differences) Gladmy eyes dnt burn andmy lungs can have a breath of fresh air when I go to the pub now. Thanks no smoking ban.Smoker that sits outside ONKIDSANDMOVIES To the non terrible parent. I went 2 late session once. The last 4 that night in fact. Guesswhat? Hadmovie ruined by parents with a grizzling/ crying baby. Its the parents responsibilty 2 either keep kids quiet or remove them from the theatre. And yeah I dont have kids. Sowhat? Dave, Fannie Bay To angrymovie goer, wed 20th. Just because a child is screaming it does notmake thema brat and does not give u the right to judge the parents. Im sure if you r hungry or tired you get cranky too! The parent could have handled the situation better but everything is a learning experience.Mumwho has learnt a lot through experience ONOTHERTHINGS Kevins entourage blocking RDH emergency driveway ... they cant find parking either.Tony, H/doo ONTHISDAY (NTNEWS, 21-1-10) 25yrs ago, Police to step up street patrols against juvenile street crime. HowRwe going fellas?Nash, Palmo I have tried sumo salad in Townsville. Great variety andwell priced. Darwin, especiallymarkets, needmore healthy alternatives.Rix, Bmah HELIPAD@Ski Club. NOWAY!Where are we parking our boat trailers after using the ramp???Duh...very smart GraemeSawyer, do a car park study NOT an environmental impact study. Obviously you have never been down there in the tourist seasonwhen the Museumcar park is overflowing and there is nowhere to park. Thanks 4 nothing Gerry! Could not give a straight answer when asked about gaol site - now its on for Taylor Rd.Wait till next election!! Thanks Defence 4 holding out. Paul... remember the voters! Toty, Yarrawonga Whats with fishing report lately? No info at all. If alex cant give a decent one get someonewho can. How about pete davies.Rick, Herbert