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The Northern Territory news Mon 18 Jan 2010

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www.ntnews.com.au Northern Territory News, Monday, January 18, 2010 11 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:18-JGE:11 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K art youth comics reviews gadgets Got something to say? We want to hear it! news@ntnews.com.au Its elementary, dear reader, youll enjoy BySEANGUY MOVIE REVIEWSherlockHolmes SHERLOCKHolmes came out recently, and Robert Downey Jr did not disappoint. He plays Holmes, an eccentric but brilliant detective asked to stop the deranged Lord Blackwood, played byMark Strong. The acting is brilliant, and the charactersmake you believe everything they do. Yes, Holmes andWatson have been living andworking together too long. Yes, Blackwood really does want to control theworld. And yes, Lady Adler is indeed amanipulative, beautiful criminal. There is plenty of action and a bit of humour to keep you on the edge of your seat, while Holmes slowly works out the overall plot using his powers of deduction. And theres clearly a sequel being planned. I was happy to hear the name Moriarty used at least once in themovie. How do I know youll enjoy it? Elementary,my dear reader; I did. No sloppy KISS on new album ByDAMIENMcCARTNEY MUSIC REVIEW Sonic BoomKISS FIRST of all, I love it.Sonic Boom is KISS latest album, and the first new material that they have released sincePsycho Circus (1998). If you are half a KISS fan, then you probably already have it, but if you arent, this is a great album to get you into the band and its history. Since two of the original four members (Peter Criss and Ace Frehley) left the band, they have been criticised heavily for not sounding like the original band, and putting newmembers Tommy Thayer (lead guitar) and Eric Singer (drums) in Ace and Petersmakeup. But tome, a typical KISS album has a hard hitting bass chord, a simple but strong guitar chord, flashy drums, and awicked solo in the bridge. Stand out songs includeHot and Cold,Stand, Im An Animal, and When Lightning Strikes. But forme, the biggest disappointment on the album is the opening song.Modern Day Delilah is the song that has been played themost at recent concerts, and is the only song to be released as a single. But tome, it lacks something, and it is not a worthy albumopener. Sonic Boommay be the best new recordweve done sinceDestroyer! It isRock And Roll Overmeets Love Gun, said bassist Gene Simmons prior to its release late last year. Unfortunately, the albumpeaked at just 22 on the ARIA charts. The collectors edition ofSonic Boom is a three disc set, and comes with re-recordings of classics like Detroit Rock City andShout it Out Loud, and a short DVD of the band performing in Sao Paulo, Brazil. If you arent a big fan, buy your favourite songs off iTunes. LONELY LIFE: Jessica Watson on her yacht as she sails solo around the world. Pictures courtesy www.jessicawatson.com.au/ World record floats Jessicas boat COURAGE TO BURN: Teenage sailor Jessica Watson on her yacht Ellas Pink Lady as she set sail from Sydney Harbour in October last year to start her attempt to become the youngest person to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world ByDAMIEN McCARTNEY JESSICAWatson last year set out to be the youngest ever person to sail solo non-stop around theworld. She has just rounded CapeHorn (the southern tip of South America) and is in good spirits following her Christmas andNew Year alone, and hopes to cross the halfway point in her journeywithin the next couple of weeks. After being becalmed on NewYears Day, thewinds picked up again and her speed consistently nudged 10 knots. I was lucky enough to catch upwith her via email recently. DM:Howmuch of a milestone is rounding Cape Horn in your journey? JW: It is a really big landmark forme. (Its) the Everest of sailing, so its an exciting time. DM:Within the next few weeks, youwill pass halfway in your journey. What have been the ups and downs of the first half of your extraordinary adventure? JW: To be honest there has not really been any downs apart frommaybe spending Christmas alone, but I got to speak to all my friends and family, so it was still fun. The ups have been crossing the line (equator), experiencing the Southern Ocean and now of course rounding CapeHorn. DM:Being just 16, you copped plenty of flack for attempting this feat before you set out (especially after the incident with the bulk carrier). How do you feel you handled it? And has itmade youmore determined to prove your critics wrong? JW:Wehave had to deal with critics right from the start as I was so young. But hopefully I now have a few more supporters. DM: Living in a tiny boat out in themiddle of the ocean, do you at all crave human company? JW:Of course youmiss your family and friends at certain times, but I am enjoying everymoment of it out here! DM:Sailing into Sydney, how do you think youwill copewill the emotion of breaking aworld record of this calibre? JW: I have not thought that far ahead yet as there is still a lot of work to do and a longway to go. I think I speak for all of us in theNorthern Territory bywishing Jessica the best of luck. WEWANTYOUR INPUT! Are you aged under 18 and have any artwork, reviews, creativewriting, comics, articles or photos youwould like to share with our Y readers? Email your submissions to y@ntnews.com.au GIVEAWAY Try and embark on a quest THEwinner of last weeks book giveaway,Our Choice, is Judy Maddalozzo of Fannie Bay. This week, we have a copy of Gamers Quest, by George Ivanoff, to give away. Gamers Quest is the story of two teenage thieves in aworld ofmagic and science. In their quest to reach Designers Paradise, they realise their world is not what it appears to be. To enter, cut out the picture and send it to: GAMERS QUEST, c/oNorthern Territory News, POBox 1401, Darwin, 0801. Entriesmust be received by firstmail on Thursday.