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www.ntnews.com.au Northern Territory News, Monday, January 18, 2010 13 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:18-JGE:13 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Rediscover meaning of being an Aussie LETTEROFTHEDAY THIS Australia Day, we should all re-evaluate our Aussie identity. Gone is the Aussie friendliness towards all. What happened?We were always known for our mateship, our easy goingways, openly welcoming strangers (especially in pubs, as a stranger is a potential shout). This Australia Day, we ought to get to know the people around us, our neighbours names and, just as the churchies do, turn around and greet the person next to you. Remember, a stranger is only a friend you haventmet yet. It is sadwhen cops have to publicly announce their wishes to curtail grog consumption! A situation never before addressed in Australia, and so openly. OK, there are certain areas in Australia where alcohol should not be so easily obtained, due to the people who abuse alcohol and refuse to accept responsibility for any of their actions, but these actions and people are aswell known as the fact that where there is water, there are crocs, and so avoided. Australia Day should be one of friendliness,mateship everything that wewere known for world-wide a time to forget politics, hatred, anger. A day of demonstrating to all how goodwe really are. Lets stun the cops, by not abusingwhat we have always had, and not giving them the satisfaction of being able to take thesemeasures/ restrictions, one step-up and becoming a set law forever. Become friendswith your neighbours, and highlight our real identities.We are not, and never will be a destination of trouble, a placewhere you have to be prepared for danger, but a place in the sun, a place of desire to return to (due towelcome and good times, a place to amaze travellers due to our readiness to help and be relaxed/happy). Are you an Aussie or a thug? BobMarquis, Fannie Bay Keep yourmessage short, include your name and suburb. Normal call costs apply. More txts online at www.ntnews.comc.au 0428 NTNEWS ONPOWEROUTAGES I wouldnt care if power went out in moulden, gray, karama or in any of the other labor-voting sh*tholes, but I live in brinkin, and the power is off here!Where aremy ridiculous amounts of taxmoney going?? (exceptmoulden, gray, karama and all the other labor-voting sh*tholes). Power out AGAIN, twice in less than aweek, and no sign of badweather either time! Recordedmsg on PAWA line listed every northern suburb. When r they going 2 get their act 2gether! Frustrated Tiwi resident ONDARWINMEN Its easy to find decentmen in darwin. Girls you just need to stop being so into findingmr right. No one is perfect. Be happywith what we have. Love isnt suppose to be gift wrapped andmostmen in darwin arent. :) Jessika, Darwin city To all guys losing their hair. Be yourself, be proud. Bald is sexy and strong. Combing thin hair over head or skinny poneytail is sad and unsexy. You aremanly. ONOTHERTHINGS Nt housing. U should be ashamed of yourselves. how dare u give pensioners an altamation ofmove or paymore. im ashamed 2 be a territorian.most of these people have livd in these homes 4 30 odd years. sak the lot of u. ps. hope ths includes your families 2.Hm, Palmo To city parking fine loser wake up it is 2010 not 1920 anymore! Park properly and no fine. The city would be better off without you and yourmouth. Is there an eta on the progress of the so called paint ball in darwin? Re our $17mwave pool. I (and all of my friends) actually thought it cost us taxpayers only $6m. Is this just another project slightly over budget or just a typo! Can anyone advise the true cost?Andrew, Fannie Bay. Bloody hell. Make up yourmind. Are they dingoes or wild dogs? There is a difference! Dingoes are not pack animals. It appears these attacks are made bywild dogs. Leave the dingoes alone.Rix, Bmah Wicked swiss tourists should have learnt at their age that you get what you pay for.Nicole, Herbert Paul henderson bears a striking resemblance to a drongo. Steve Kilinko, CocoGrove Adreamer arrived back from japanese holiday carrying shopping bagsmade of bamboo, perhaps thats the recycling answer, mangrovewoven bags! Niel, Palmerston. Themassive disaster in Haiti, i must say i admire the people ther, tuff & risiliant, like us in 50s & 60s, poor but slim healthy & strong!NoonyWiz To the ones that need educating on the ute run its when a heap of utes (200-300) get together and show darwin how proudwe all are to be aussies! Come and have a look. Great day!!Ute owner, Aussie proud One can only assume that the reason 4Campbells comment is that noNT womanwould touch him - we know a skunkwhenwe smell one! Skanks arent us! SurelyMaccas Stuart Park cant be that good, drivers crossing over 3 lanes of traffic in peak hour and nearly causing death. Chris, Darwin city LETTERS Set trap for true offenders PERHAPS the call from the CLPs environment spokesman, Peter Chandler, for CCTV cameras to be hidden around croc traps to help find and charge offenders, (Northern Territory News, January 11) has some merit. Unlike red light cameras, the true offenders can be charged, although following current trends, this is very unlikely to occur. Heres a little food for thought that I picked up while recently visiting Victoria. With red light cameras, it is a crime to falsely nominate another driver on an infringement notice, however, if an infringement notice is sent to you. Its not a crime to pay up although someone else was driving, its simply exercising your right to silence. Besides, the state or territory still gets the money. Point-sharing lets the state or territory get more money by continuing to fine the drivers who would otherwise have been taken off the road, and thats the point. Dangerous offences are committed by drivers, not cars. Police book drivers, not cars. Cameras snap cars, not drivers. Therefore, if youre concerned about safety, you deploy plenty of police and monitor their integrity to make sure they book the right people. However, if you just want to raise revenue, you deploy plenty of cameras and dont try to find out who was driving, (and no, I wasnt booked while there). Revenue or safety? RayMedlicott, Nightcliff Kakadu art linked to arthritis TWO weeks ago, with friends, I visited Kakadu and once again looked at the skeleton painting in the gallery near the Ubirr parking area. This figure has red circles marked on many of the joints. This seems a clear illustration of a person with red, inflamed, swollen and painful joints, i.e. acute arthritis. There are explanatory notes to indicate that this is a warning that the East Alligator area is unhealthy. The interpretation surely is that mosquito borne diseases that cause arthritis such as dengue, Ross River fever etc are prevalent in that area. I was surprised later to hear a guide from one of the well known tour companies telling his audience that this figure indicated radiation poisoning from the uranium in the area. I do not know if indigenous people were sickened by radiation or not but the guide was ill informed or perhaps making a political point because radiation sickness does not cause arthritis. It certainly causes a number of things such as fatigue, headache, blood disorders, infections, blood and hair loss but not arthritis. Peter Morton, Bayview Abbott ignores Constitution IT SEEMS that Mr Abbott the Opposition Leader, is unfamiliar with the Australian Constitution. He wants to make a Private Members Bill to disallow the Queensland Government from applying the Wild River Legislation, because he wants the local Aboriginal people to be able to mine and farm the region. Now, Mr Abbott, under section 100 of the Constitution, the Commonwealth shall not, by any law or regulation of trade or commerce, abridge the right of a state or of the residents therein to the reasonable use of the waters of rivers for conservation or irrigation. Now the stated reason for the Wild Rivers act is in fact conservation. Mr Abbott your proposed bill is in fact stated to be for trade and commerce, that is mining and building industries on the rivers. Now I am all ears waiting for you to explain how a state law that is in fact for conservation can be overridden by the Commonwealth so it can allow commerce. Adriaan de Leeuw, Karama TOPSHOT: Sadhus, or Hindu holymen, take dips in the Sangam, the confluence of the rivers Ganges, during the annual traditional fair of MaghMela in Allahabad, India. Hundreds of thousands of devout Hindus take a bath at the confluence during the auspicious period over 30 days to rid themselves of their sins and attain prosperity. Picture: APRajesh Kumar Singh PICK OF THE PICS ALISON SEARLE ROSEBERRY NO. I dont have anything packed yet, but canned food and other things are in the cupboard, ready to go. ANDY LOISE BAKEWELL NO. I work in the mines and I guesswe are getting evacuatedwhen its needed. TRUDY NORRIS HOWARD SPRINGS YES.As soon as cyclone season comes up, I get worried and check my box. Its ready. DAWN MARTIN THE GARDENS YES.Wemoved to Darwin during last years cyclone season and it scared us a little. STEPHEN FLYNN MILLNER NO. I have been too lazy and I amnot too worried about cyclones.We usually have a bit of warning. Do you have your cyclone kit ready? Letters to the Editor should be kept to 175 words or less. Send your letters to GPO Box 1300, Darwin, 0801, or email ntnmail@ntnews.com.au You must include your name, home address or PO Box number. Name and address will be withheld on request. The Northern Territory News reserves the right to edit letters

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