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The Northern Territory news Mon 18 Jan 2010

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www.ntnews.com.au Northern Territory News, Monday, January 18, 2010 5 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:18-JGE:5 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K NEWS Help keep track of days with our free series of calendars IN A rush? Always busy? Feel like you never knowwhat day it is? We know how you feel. Andwe can help.Well, at least, for the rest of the year. Dontmiss tomorrows paper when well be publishing the second of our three double-page, double-sided 2010 Territory calendar posters. And, as an added bonus, eachmonth will be illustrated by one of theNT News more, ahem, shall we say iconic, front pages. Memorable efforts like Is this guy a complete tosser? or Our dog atemy G-string. The front of your first poster last weekwas January and February and the backwasMarch andApril. Tomorrowwell publish ourMay August poster and then, on Tuesday January 26, wewill publish September-December. Just pull out each poster and pin it to your wall or notice board then turn it around as themonths count down. OK, OK, we knowwere a bit late and wemissed the first days of the year but, hey, the calendar posters are completely FREEwith yourNTNews. Andwhy not pick up a couple of extras to send to your rellies down south? Theywont believe these front pages until they see themwith their own eyes. Fire at power station water treatment plant FIRE crews were called to a Power and Water power station yesterday after a blaze broke out in part of the facility. Police said the fire began in one of the water treatment sheds at Power and Waters station at Alice Springs. Several fire crews and police units rushed to the scene on Tunks Rd yesterday afternoon. The sheds are where water is treated before it is then pumped through to cool the power generation turbines. Power and Water Corporations Renee Orr said there had not been any blackouts as a result of the incident. The cause of the incident is being investigated. MAIN PICTURE: The 2.5m python with a full belly inside Oscars hutch. INSET: Lily Gorman with Oscar before he was taken Hoppingmad over sneaky snake snack ByANNIE SANSON So we dont have a pet rabbit any more, we have a petsnake now, right? IT SOUNDS like a scene from a grisly horror movie a defenceless victim eaten alive in his own home. One-year-old Oscar the rabbit had no chance of survival when his biggest and most feared predator a huge python worked its way into the furry Katherine residents home, leaving him on death row with no way to escape. Oscars owner James Gorman was at work when his wife Kate rang with the tragic news. She said youd better come home immediately, this is not a joke, Mr Gorman said. Kate had gone into the back yard to check on him, but there was no Oscar any more an olive python had replaced our little rabbit in his little cage. It was two days before Christmas when the Gormans had to explain to their two-year-old daughter, Lily, that her dwarf-cross rabbit had been taken by a snake and that the snake had settled into the rabbits former home. Lily is at the age where she just starts to understand whats going on and when we explained to her that Oscar had been taken by a snake, she said So we dont have a pet rabbit any more, we have a pet snake now, right?, Mr Gorman said. Im glad she didnt take it too hard she was pretty excited about the fact that the snake was trapped in Oscars cage. Mr Gorman, 35, said he couldnt believe his eyes when he saw the 2.5m olive python curled up in the rabbits hutch. We had a second look and saw the snake had bent the cages wires open to get into Oscars cage, he said. The poor thing would have been sitting there, knowing there was no way out for him ... and the snake was coming. I hope he died from a heart attack before the snake ate him. Mr Gorman said he had never ruled out the possibility of an incident like this in his back yard, but he had been caught by surprise when it happened. We had mesh around the cage and an extra shade structure and then the cages wires. Its unbelievable how the snake got through it all, he said. It must have had a brilliant feed on our little Oscar but obviously afterwards it couldnt go anywhere any more, so it curled up in Oscars hutch. We left it there for 24 hours and then took it a few kilometres away and set it free hopefully it doesnt come back. As a precautionary measure the familys guinea pigs were now allowed to move into the house every night, Mr Gorman said. Mans plea to save his pet dogs By EMILYWATKINS A MAN whose dogs attacked a couple who were looking at his property to buy has pleaded with a magistrate to not order the destruction of his pets. Neil Henry White pleaded guilty in Darwin Magistrates Court on Thursday to having dangerous dogs that attacked a person or animal. The court heard that Gerry Hancock and his partner walked their shihtzu-cross dog to the Wagait Beach property in July last year to inspect the property. But when they arrived, Whites border collie-cross and pit bull-cross-bull mastiff dogs ran out of the propertys open gate and attacked the visiting dog. Prosecutor Sergeant Matt Parsons told the court that Mr Hancock picked up his dog to protect it, and the dogs set on him. White heard a woman screaming, and came out to pull his dogs off and lock them up. The court heard that White was expecting the couple a day earlier and had warned them to come at the arranged time so he could lock up his dogs. White has since moved to another property with a 1.5m fence and locked gates. Through his lawyer, White asked Mr Trigg to refrain from ordering the destruction of the pets. But magistrate Daynor Trigg said he would not save the dogs unless this could be confirmed with the real estate agent. The matter was adjourned so the agent could make a statutory declaration to the court. Mr Hancock suffered a number of puncture wounds, bruises and a graze to his face from falling to the ground. NT man brutally bashed in SA A TERRITORY man was beaten up in an unprovoked attack in a South Australian town and left unable to work. Darwin resident Nick Harbison (pictured soon after the attack) was in Gawler, 42km north of Adelaide when he was assaulted last week. The nephew of Adelaide Lord Mayor Michael Harbison had been at dinner with family while on holiday when he was attacked by a group of men at a pub in Gawler. Kicked, punched and struck with a glass bottle, Nick Harbison remembers little of the random, unprovoked attack. The 22-year-old pilot said he had undergone painful surgery on his nose and had been cut through to his skull by a broken bottle. There was just no warning, he said. The first clue was being smashed in the face. Mr Harbison moved to Darwin two years ago to pursue his career as a pilot. He made headlines in his first week in the Territory when he spotted a crocodile swimming just metres from the shore at Vesteys beach. Mr Harbison had been visiting family in Adelaide when he was attacked.