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The Northern Territory news Tue 5 Jan 2010



The Northern Territory news Tue 5 Jan 2010

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30 Northern Territory News, Tuesday, January 5, 2010 www.ntnews.com.au P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 5 -J A N -2 0 1 0 P A G E : 3 0 C O L O R : C M Y K HOROSCOPES, CROSSWORDS AND BRAIN-BENDERS Your birthday THIS is an important year. You come to terms with situations that have been a thorn in your side. A time when you travel for pleasure and do some of the things you have long wanted to do. ARIES Mar 21 to Apr 20 SOMEONE makes a promise and reneges. People reneging doesnt impress the ram, you never go back on a promise. Well, you seldom go back on a promise. SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 to Dec 22 YOUR mind is on money. This is probably because you have given your credit cards and savings such a hammering you wonder if they will ever recover. VIRGO Aug 24 to Sept 23 GOOD stars for romance. Heres your chance to cast off the Ice Maiden image so arrange a matinee or send the kids to Nan and Pop for the night and let nature take its course. CAPRICORN Dec 23 to Jan 20 SOMEONE will come up with an idea they truly think is brilliant but the idea doesnt impress you. The chances are you are right but sometimes it doesnt pay to make a big show of it. GEMINI May 21 to Jun 21 FOR some time now people have had problems getting through to you so today you do something to make sure their requests are heard. Make sure you understand the requests. TAURUS Apr 21 to May 20 ITS just as well the bull is the practical one because today brings vibes where people will tend to lean on you and you will be expected to make their decisions for them. LIBRA Sept 24 to Oct 23 SOMETHING grinds to a halt. This wont impress you because you thought it would go on for ages but at least you have the consolation of having a replacement. AQUARIUS Jan 21 to Feb 19 THE water bearer is always articulate and today is a time when you are exceptionally articulate. Still you cant manage to get your message across. Some tricky stars. CANCER June 22 to Jul 23 YOU have good stars for being in public and speaking in public. Now all you need is an audience, which wont be as easy as it sounds. Ring one of the call-back radio stations and air your views. SCORPIO Oct 24 to Nov 22 FOR a nice change there are good stars for being with relatives or in-laws. You dont seem to be doing anything special, just hanging out but the overall vibes are good. Todays babes THIS babe is cheerful, good tempered and hopeful. He or she is sociable, friendly and generally will be well-liked. He or she is likely to have two serious and long-lasting attachments. PISCES Feb 20 to Mar 20 THE new year is just starting and you feel a need to do something different. The good news is that today brings the right stars for starting something for which you will become famous. LEO Jul 24 to Aug 23 IF WORK contains an element of creativity or artistry, you will be keen to return to work. However the chances are work isnt on today so you just have to wait. Combo Crossword No. 3401 ACROSS 1 Hard bosses 7 Royal 8 Common fellow 11 Relented 12 Classify 14 Sword handle 16 Leaps 19 Beginning 22 Amount owing 24 Precise 25 Wideawake 26 Nature students DOWN 1 A bird 2 Sign 3 Donkeys 4 Staid 5 God of love 6 Took to court 9 Rotating machine 10 Retain 13 Uncomplaining 15 Holly tree 17 The rest 18 Hits hard 20 Speak 21 A mollusc 22 Head of college 23 Lure ACROSS 1 Model to request best singular allocators of hard jobs 7 Give back drink when dignified . . . 8 . . . starters of batch look over keenly eager ordinary man 11 Relaxed in time as educated 12 Animal with scrap to put in correct pile 14 Handle of weapon not on famous hotel 16 Plants well-known in kangaroos actions 19 Starting point for unpopular group 22 Half-made piece in the red column 24 Take by threat in former law 25 Warning drink with short right 26 Turn as a list shows botanists maybe DOWN 1 The endless hurried state for a bird 2 Lasting without heart about warning gesture 3 Animals good on the feet sometimes 4 Cry badly with hesitation when temperate 5 Hurting to turn for lovers aide 6 Charged in court being used wrongly 9 US city with the turners machine 10 Maintain board and lodging 13 Bows to icons, some being mentally strong 15 Holly to lie round with unknown lot . . . 17 . . . that first horse confused with different lots 18 Affects suddenly with strikes 20 Say something complete . . . 21 . . . about nails holding a mollusc 22 Made angry some head of school 23 Graduate it for an enticement Cryptic Clues No. 3401 Quick Crossword No. 9656 ACROSS 1 Cut off with quick stroke 5 Make suitable 8 Slow stately dance 9 Dash 10 Anger 12 Burnt-out coal 13 Vibration 15 Birds 18 Went by 20 High mountain 21 Exist 23 Cricket team 24 Weary 25 Biblical quotation DOWN 1 Separate metal from ore 2 No score 3 Silly 4 Play on words 5 Dressed 6 Dry 7 Rank 11 Check 12 Stuck together 14 Actual 16 Oily fruit 17 Perfume 18 Agreement 19 Goading device 21 Permit 22 Annoy Solution No. 9655 Sudoku Medium #40472 To solve this puzzle each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9. Solution, tips and computer program at www.sudoku.com Solution published tomorrow Combo Solution No. 3400 SudokuHard #40490 S C O N C U R B T R A P O E C R U R S E E N S I O D I N T O U R E D P N E L I P R O F A N I T I E S E L T C P R E F O R M L I N O L O E P I C R S L U R N A L I T S S U T U R E S M I T R E S E M U L A C K S S P R E E O I L Y S N A M E D A E I T E M A G E S I P N E W S X R S T R A P U M O D E G R I N D N A C R E R O E M D E E D S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

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