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The Northern Territory news Tue 22 Dec 2009

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30 Northern Territory News, Tuesday, December 22, 2009 www.ntnews.com.au P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 2 2 -D E C -2 0 0 9 P A G E : 3 0 C O L O R : C M Y K 10YEARSAGO BRITISH and European tourist numbers to the Territory would increase by up to 10 or 12 per cent if airlines increased the number of flights into Darwin, it was claimed yesterday. NT Tourist Commissionmanaging director TonyMayell told a radio station: Most overseas tourists have to fly over theNT into Sydney before heading to Darwin. 20YEARSAGO ANoutbreak of a highly infectious disease has seen 28Aboriginal babies air-lifted to the Royal Darwin Hospital. The babies, average age ninemonths, are from the Port Keats community. They are suffering rota-virus, a highly infectious condition that causes severe gastroenteritis and dehydration in infants. If not treated, the condition can be fatal. 25YEARSAGO WATERSIDEWorkers Federation secretary KevinManski has applauded the appointment of Nightcliff MLASteve Hatton as the Territorys first Ports and Fisheries Minister. He (Hatton) knows more about industrial matters than the rest of themput together, Mr Manski said yesterday. ONPLASTICBAGBAN Those green supermarket bags have a big slab of plastic in the bottomof themanyway!SW I dont agree that plastic bags will help save the planet. Govt should start with the untold millions of used throw away nappies ( huggies ) that are used every year.Bill What a lot of crap put out by the cheifminister over plastic bags.plastic bags i use out side inmywork dont last longer than 3months.cant work out how they last 1000 yrs in land fill. sando Hope hendo goes agenst thse green bgs aswell as thy rmade frm th by products of th plastic bags. If not y not ? Cotton, raftan,crocheted,evenmakas big brwn ppr bags r best. Everyone focuses on plastic shopping bags,what about the smaller ones 4 fruit and veg?howmany of these r used every time u shop?i reusemine asmany times as possible just likemy plastic shopping bags :stevemoil Plastic shopping bags! Just meanswe all havta buy plastic bin liners now!Whats the difference?Nakara ONCLIMATECHANGE Darwin has the smallest carbon foot print in theworld for a city,causewe never have any power. al wulagi Why dont world leaders actually use themoney from the copenhagen get together to save the environment? Im sure those fancy dinners and the security bill to keep heads of state safemust cost a lot of environmentmoney Geoff selvey : re global warning. Mate if you cant blind them with science , baffle themwith bullshit ! ONOTHERTHINGS I believe the croc is themost poweful in the territory. Always has been always aswill be! At least what what u see u know what u get!.its funnywhat people think of as powerful. margie palmo Chaseweir. . . . . Wot an idiot most smart people would take the car out of Gear but than again he is from victoria. . . . Its really quite alarming that emergency services didn think to do it either josh Jabiru Thank you katherine police christmas party!What a great night for those hardworking people. God bless. ;) To chyilpie re errol/tiger update, how about got the goods like woods?Dave, nakara To g d egan re smoking. Give up and smell the roses. E jonas DECEMBER 22, 2009 Pollie jaunts bit too rich NEWS that non-ministerial Territory polit-icians spent nearly $90,000 on overseas and interstate trips in the past seven months didnt go down well with ordinary folk. A trip to Africa, a jaunt to Edinburgh, $19,000 splurges in Brisbane and Hobart the overwhelming majority of Territorians could only dream of such things. Nobody suggests that our politicians should stay at home. Study tours broaden the mind and, heaven knows, some of our pollies need that. But it is clear that much tighter control needs to be exerted over such travel. Members of the Legislative Assembly should not be allowed to go interstate often with their partners and spend thousands of dollars just because they feel like a break. Guidelines should be strict the trips should be announced in advance and full expenses made public. In other words, travel must be justified, just as it must be in the case of private companies that must answer to their shareholders. The latest figures from the Legislative Assembly do not include ministerial trips. The CLP did not make ministerial expenditure public when it was in office but says it would post details of spending on a NT Government website if elected in 2012. Territorians would support this as a step towards greater openness and accountability. Such disclosure should include expenses by all members of a ministerial party. But the CLPs call would carry more weight if it made the travel by its own MLAs public now. More than 85 per cent of the $90,000 was spent by CLP politicians. No announcements were made about these trips. If the journeys were justified, there should have been no coyness in announcing them in advance. ... and another thing TALKING about openness, why is the NT Fisheries Department so reluctant to discuss mud crab smuggling? The Northern Territory News GPO Box 1300 Darwin NT 0801 Editorial facsimile: (08) 8981 6045 Two sides to store story I AM surprised your journalist could write an article so critical of Outback Stores (December 14), based only on the word of a disgruntled supplier and without making any attempt to contact Outback Stores for its side of the story. Outback Stores is a not-forprofit company set up to manage stores on behalf of remote communities to ensure they have access to affordable, reliable, healthy food. We take over the management of stores only at the request of their owners, then place a high priority on working with store committees. All profits in those stores that are able to generate them are returned to the communities. Our funding from the Australian Government is not to subsidise sell prices and create unfair competition but to underpin unviable stores operations that would otherwise close and provide funds that are made available as loans to viable stores to improve things such as essential equipment, infrastructure repairs and upgrades. Our goal is always to bring professional retail practices to stores, many of which previously were badly run. We train local people to work in and eventually run their own stores and our ultimate goal is to create stores that are commercially operated. Claims of bloated bureaucracies are ridiculous. We operate a lean and mean central office that provides centralised services such as supply, trading terms, accounting, training and relief managers to provide efficiencies and support not available to lone store operators. There was no criticism of our management structure and store support services in the recent Parliamentary inquiry into our operations. Equally, there has been no takeover of Outback Stores. It remains a not-for-profit company with an independent board. Previously Outback Stores was owned by Indigenous Business Australia. IBA now comes under FaHCSIA and the board and management of Outback Stores have spent the past year implementing this transfer, which is by mutual agreement. The arrangement does nothing to change the day to day operations of Outback Stores. Your readers are encouraged to read our submission to the inquiry which addresses all the issues raised in your article in detail. Go to www.outbackstores.com.au. Alastair King, Chief Executive Officer, Outback Stores EDITORS NOTE: The Northern Territory News approached the owners of Outback Stores the Federal Government for comment on the story. Both Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin and FaHCSIA were contacted and neither commented on the specific allegations or explained why the Government was taking over Outback Stores from its own corporation Indigenous Business Australia. Book seat on Hendo comet TREVOR, or the Labor supporter of Palmerston, sorry I havent much time to drop a line; out and about, community stuff all day. But just let you know, yes Trev, youre right, the CLP prior to Clares election in 2001 deserved to be turfed, and yes, I support Dave, and Terry and Elf and Kezia, Adam etc. Also Natasha Griggs from out your way. Its a different crew and a better movement today mate, believe me. I just wonder if youve booked your seat on the Hendo comet, even though its fizzling, its going somewhere but I dont think its up. Thanks for the mention Trev. My mum, friends and wife call me Teddy, so you must feel close too. Merry Christmas. Ted Dunstan, Karama