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The Northern Territory news Tue 22 Dec 2009

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www.ntnews.com.au Northern Territory News, Tuesday, December 22, 2009 31 P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 2 2 -D E C -2 0 0 9 P A G E : 3 1 C O L O R : C M Y K Every man dies. Not every man really lives. William Wallace Calls cost 55 cents GST inclusive. Higher from mobiles and payphones. News Connect. VotelineVotelineVoteline THIS WEEKS QUESTION YES 1900 969 562 NO 1900 969 563 PREVIOUS QUESTION SHOULD Darwin City Council increase city parking fees? Or vote online at www.ntnews.com.au YES: 46% NO: 54% SHOULD the NT Government ban roadside car sales? Territory barely contributes I NOTE the eternally big spending, high taxing, bureaucracy-building, hopeless-managing and constantly interfering Northern Territory Labor Government has now announced a climate change policy. Apparently the banning of plastic bags is to form part of this new policy. It seems this mob has decided that the Rudd way of shallow, meaningless symbolism is the way to go. It is almost beyond belief that this government, which has squandered so much of the GST revenue it received during the Howard years on mostly unnecessary nonsense, now plans to waste even more taxpayers funds on tackling climate change. And for what possible outcome? The output of carbon dioxide, per annum, by the Northern Territory amounts to only 2.4 per cent of Australias total carbon dioxide emissions. And of course everyone is well aware that Australias total carbon dioxide emissions are less than 1.5 per cent of the worlds total. Is this government completely mad? Or is there a reason for this totally unnecessary and useless move? As I said, this is clearly a Ruddlike stunt designed to provide a warm inner glow and thereby endear voters to this floundering Henderson Government. A s C h i e f M i n i s t e r P a u l Henderson and the other members of his Government continue to take the NT down a road very similar to that of the other failed Labor states, Territorians should be asking themselves whether they want to end up like NSW or Queensland or, in time, the other Labor states also almost bankrupt. We in the Northern Territory have no reason whatsoever to be in such a perilous financial position. Just imagine where the NT would be today, if all the federal funds (GST and otherwise) that the Martin/Henderson Labor government have received had been more wisely spent and more importantly, bettermanaged. As for the Opposition also endorsing a climate-change policy; the mind boggles at their stupidity. The shadow minister for the environment is even trying to be more hairy-chested on this silly issue than the government. And finally, even if the increasingly doubtful theory of mancaused climate change was to be one day proven, what possible difference would the Northern Territorys 2.4 per cent of Australias 1.5 per cent of world carbon dioxide emissions make? Surely it is time for some sanity to return to this once energetic, prosperous and fair-dinkum place called the Northern Territory, before the Henderson wrecking ball has completed its work? PS: You probably will not publish this letter for reasons best known to yourselves. Dave Wane, Woodleigh Gardens Having a stab at Christmas cheer WELL, its Xmas time time for a Xmas joke. Youve all heard about Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, right? But, have you heard the story of Rudolph, the BROWN-nosed reindeer? No? Then read on. Santa was being pulled along by his reindeer, who were happily galloping across the sky. Rudolph was second in line in Santas team. Suddenly, the deer in front of Rudolph stopped! Merry Xmas to you all. Keith R. Sauerwald, Lyons Population problems POPULATION theory is a furphy in the current debate. Prince Phillip remarked how his wifes sub-continental subjects bred like rabbits. Well, how big is Lizzies tribes contribution to greenhouse gases compared to any thousand from Africa, India and China? How does the Catholic Churchs and Islamic breeding philosophy fit with your idea of population? Arguably, the population becomes a world problem, only if the poor want power delivered to their homes, to drive cars to work, mechanise their farms, aircondition their houses and have nursing homes to accommodate them when they are old. Is that a reasonable objective? How many Australians are willing to give up their airconditioning, car and job to save the planet? Do you, like Phillip, believe that it is alright for the rich to breed but not the poor? Or are you relying on Iran to nuke the northern hemisphere to ease the population? Billy Moir, Nightcliff Letters to the Editor should be kept to 175 words or less. Send your letters to GPO Box 1300, Darwin, 0801, or email ntnmail@ntnews.com.au You must include your name, home address or PO Box number. Name and address will be withheld on request. The Northern Territory News reserves the right to edit letters ELIZABETH EUSTANCE COCONUT GROVE YES. I cant stand Christmas being stressful, thats why I startedwith myChristmas shopping in September. KATHARIN BROWN PALMERSTON NO.Not quite yet, a couple of presents formymum are still missing, but she wontmiss out on Christmas gifts. 1860 FIRSTBritish Open golf tournament is played at Prestwick, Scotland. 1993 AUSTRALIAN federal parliament passes controversial Mabo legislation on Aboriginal rights. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RALPH Fiennes, English actor (1962-) SHANE ABERDEEN MILLNER NO. I havent even started yet. I will have to do some last-minute shopping but then Ill probably spend about $1000. HEATHER HYAMS NIGHTCLIFF NO. I am going to visitmy family in Brisbane andwill be doing all my shopping there as it ismuch cheaper there than it is in Darwin. LEAH KROES JINGILI NO. Ive been busyworking and dont knowwhen I will find the time. Probably I will have to go shopping on Christmas Eve. HAVE you done all your Christmas shopping yet? Plastic bags the tip of the iceberg BAN THE BAG: A plastic bag ban in the NT is a good start, a reader says I READwith great pleasure that theNTGovernment finally wants to ban plastic bags. The useless things have annoyedme no end anyway, whenever I had forgottenmy own bags. Being biodegradable, they break down between the shop andmy housewhich is only a 5min drive and they hardly hold anyweight. Now arewe ready for the next step: those evil plastic bagswere no real hazard to the environment due to their rapid breakdown. How about bin liners whichwill last forever, which now everyonewill have to use, seeing there are nomore plastic shopping bags?How about all the packagingmaterialmost of the foods and other small articles come in? Theywould not break down in a hundred years. How about all the old printers we throw out? How about all the computer cases and the home entertainment equipment we throw out becausewe are told it is not worth fixing? There is a huge amount of landfill that will never ever degrade. While we are here: how about the low carbon footprint low energy fluoro lights we are now forced to use as a consequence of the ban on incandescent lights? They containmercury, one of themost dangerous chemicals under the sunwhen released into the environment. The old incandescent lights were harmless and the globes did break up in no time. Yes, they usemore energy but how about incentives for obvious renewable energy sources like solar energy, wind energy or tidal energy? How aboutmaking some of our big citiesmore friendly for cyclists?We sure have it allwe are the lucky country, why arent we putting it to use instead of taking little steps that really are only a tiny drop on a hot stone? Just a few thoughts for the overly-zealous environmentalists. I am very protective of our environment myself but I think proper background knowledge and logical thinking are a prerequisite to policies that will make a positive difference. Dr Angie Hayes, Rapid Creek