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The Northern Territory news Tue 22 Dec 2009

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www.ntnews.com.au Northern Territory News, Tuesday, December 22, 2009 33 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:22-DGE:33 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K with Nadja Hainke go@ntnews.com.au Cinnamon, cherry and pear muffinsHEALTHY FOOD Makes 4 INGREDIENTS: 1 cup self-raising flour tsp ground cinnamon 2 tbsp caster sugar 50g reduced-fat canola spread,melted, cooled 13 cup skimmilk 1 egg cup canned seedless black cherries, drained, halved cup canned pears, drained, chopped Pure icing sugar, to serve METHOD: 1.Preheat oven to 200C. Lightly grease four-cup capacitymuffin pan holes. 2.Combine sifted flour, cinnamon and sugar in a bowl. Make awell in centre.Whiskmelted spread,milk and egg in a jug. Pour into well. Add cherries and pears. Stir gently until just combined. 3.Fill muffin holes with mixture. Bake for 20-24 minutes or until a skewer inserted into centre comes out clean. Standmuffins in pan for fourminutes. Turn ontowire rack to cool, dust with icing sugar. Source: Taste.com.au/ Super Food Ideas STUDY Gaspers wanted PLANNING to go cold turkey on cigarettes in the new year? ... with the suspicion youll last only a few days smoke free? If thats you, then a survey run in Australia by theQueenslandUniversity of Technology needs your input. Smokers responses are being sought to aid in the creation of a phone-based quit program. The survey is available at http://tr.im/Gtab Sorting out supplements FITNESS HAVE you ever considered using a supplement to give your body a performance boost? If somake sure you do your research into the contents of the product. Pre-workout drinks can be harmful if you have high blood pressure, heart problems or even if youre pregnant. Be sure to consult an experienced supplier or even your local GP. Another thing about supplements: you need to cycle off them especially with creatine products, so your body keeps producing its own creatine without becoming reliant on the supplement. 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The unspoken disease New ads compare colon cancer to terrorism BUMRAP: A giant colon was put in Martin Place in Sydney to urge people to get tested for bowel cancer I lost a young staffmember a guy in his late 30s, non smoker, non drinker, a fitness fanatic ... bang it was bowel cancer ... he was gone in six weeks IF A dozen Australians were killed in a terrorist attack then it would dominate news headlines for weeks yet thismany lives are lost to bowel cancer every day. A confronting cancer awareness campaignwill highlight this disparity, and its ads depicting a terrorist attack on Australian soil will soon hit the nations television screens. Gut Foundation of Australia president Professor Terry Bolin said the campaignwas deliberately hardhitting, but this was justified by Australians lack of understanding of a cancer which, if detected early, was usually curable. This campaign is confronting, Prof Bolin said. Here is a scene of sunny Sydney with a black cloud over the horizon, people running hither and thither, body bags everywhere if that happenedwith bowel cancer it would be front page news. Wewant to it to be front page news people should not die from bowel cancer. Bowel cancer is Australiasmost common cause of cancer death in non smokers, with 13,500 cases diagnosed in 2006 andmore than 3800 deaths. Prof Bolin says Australians should talk with their GPs about having a test for the cancer which typically develops later in life although one in 10 cases occur before the age of 50. The advertisement is expected to run from early next year. Its productionwas supported by advertising guru and Australian businessman John Singleton, who said a bowel cancer awareness campaign had been on his to-do list for about 20 years. His consciencewas pricked by the loss of a youngworker to bowel cancer. I lost a young staffmember a guy in his late 30s, non-smoker, nondrinker, a fitness fanatic, Mr Singletonsaid. Hewasmisdiagnosedwith gallstones andwhen they opened him up bang it was bowel cancer which had spread to his liver ... he was gone in six weeks. Mr Singleton said part of the problemwas peoples unwillingness to talk about their bowel, unlike breast cancer. Yet almost twice asmanywomen die frombowel cancer than those who die frombreast cancer. I didnt realise that bowel cancer was so easily detectable and 99 per cent preventable if you get it early enough it doesnt go to your liver or pancreas or lungs, Mr Singleton said. Sydney lawyerMandi Chonowitz, 27, also attended the launch, where she detailed her recovery since she was diagnosedwith bowel cancer three years ago. I dont even think people at 24 even speak about colon cancer, she said, adding it was an particularly unsexy disease. KELLAM KRELLE, qualified personal trainer of Pumped Fitness, with the latest tips and tricks to have a healthy lifestyle Wewant to it to be front page news people should not die from bowel cancer PROFTERRYBOLIN