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The Northern Territory news Mon 14 Dec 2009

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30 Northern Territory News, Monday, December 14, 2009 www.ntnews.com.au P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 1 4 -D E C -2 0 0 9 P A G E : 3 0 C O L O R : C M Y K y@ntnews.com.au Get in shape with gameGAMES EASPORTS is a popular publisher when it comes to sports games, but nowwith the introduction of EA Sports Active for Nintendo Wii, the player actually gets off the couch to burn a few kilojoules. Among the exercises, which are cleverly designed to react to themovement of theWiis controllers, are boxing, dancing, volleyball, split squats and running. EA also has accessories to assist with theworkout, including resistance bands and straps to store the controller. Recently EA Sports released a follow-up calledMoreWorkouts, which has 35 new exercises and activities. Try taking a wonderful ride to Uluru with Swerve ByMIKKI BORTON BOOK REVIEWSwerve By Phillip Gwynne SYDNEY to Alice, driving all the way, in a sweet as 1969 HoldenHTMonaroGTS 350 V8. Sounds blissful, right? Gwynne tells the story of a 16-year-old, private school boyHugh, who gets thrown into amassive adventure by agreeing to take his grandfather to Ayers Rock. The book is quite good, even though I amnot usually a fan ofmodern pulp fiction aimed at teens. It is full of wonderful Aussie slang, Aussie places, and Aussie people. Hugh is a spectacularmain character, having a certain level of innocencewhich is adorable and annoying at the same time. Hugh develops into awell rounded, proper Aussie boy with the help of his mysterious grandfather, various hitchhikers, and new friends. It is definitely a good read for people into cars, with a lot of the events circling around theMonaro and other vehicles, but is still totally comprehensible and wonderful for people who are not such rev-heads. RIP IN: Its time to stop monkeying around and put some thought into this years Christmas presents Handy tips about gifts BySEANGUY Gift cards are always good.Its like giving them money and saying go nuts ADVICE OK, SLACKERS, its time to shape up. If youre anything likeme, youve been getting plenty of presents the last few years, and giving back a couple of DVDs in return but thats the easyway out. This year, as we start our first casual jobs, the oldies will be expecting something better. Gift cards are always good. Its like giving themmoney and saying go nuts except that they only have one store to go nuts in. Apparently thatsmore appreciated than themoney. If you dont want to give out a gift card, try a fewmovie tickets. People lovewatchingmovies, but hate paying for them. Younger kids in the family are easy to cater for. Get them something fluffy in the shape of something cute and theyll love it until it falls apart in their arms 22 years later. Now the oldies will tell you they dont have time to read, because of their work, but thats not the entire truth. If you get thema book they like, theywill read it. The Twilight series of books is actually a good one to get the girls of the family. Heres what not to do dont buy clothes. Parents only need somany socks and hankies, and if you try for anything else, they probably wont like it. Oh, this shirt is ... nice. Thanks. If you do get stuck buying a DVD for someone, here are some tips. Get your dad an action or a sports DVD. Theyre always good value. Formum, something soppy and romantic. If youre barfing at the sight of it, youre on the right track. But younger brothers and sisters are the easiest buy themanything youwouldnt watch to save your life. Merry Christmas and happy shopping! CHECK IT OUT WATCHDarwins best dance crews battle it out for their chance towin $500 at Breakdowns Dance Competition. The hip hop, street funk and breakdancing competition is an alcohol-free event andwill be held on Friday at 7.30pmat BrownsMart in Darwin. Cost is a gold coin donation. Formore information, email bboyfez@live.com.au or call 0432 663 496. DOYOUpride yourself on your smoothmoves?Orwould you like to learn some? Morganics Hip HopWorkshop will teach you how to breakdance, beatbox and rhyme, from today until Friday at the Chambers Cres Theatre, Malak. Call Darwin Community Arts to book on 8945 7347. I will always remember the good memories BySARAH-TERESE SCOTT POEM I REMEMBER it like it was yesterday Wewerewalking along the beach I was looking at themoon, hanging in suspense Like time had stood still and everythingwas perfect Looking back at you I am blessedwith a smile All it takes is a look at your eyes Lighting up your pretty little face Wide open like pretty blue gems Always sparkling evenwhen there is no light You are all that I want in this life So letme love you like I do Runningwith thewaves at our feet Every soft crash as the waves break Makesme laughwhen you giggle because its cold Even though its almost 3am Morning seems to be a while away Because time stands still when I amwith you Everything is peaceful and perfect Right here with you, never wanting to let go Times have changed He has stolen you away fromme Everything has become a struggle ever since you left Gone like thewind, taking the leaves Only leaving a note on the kitchen table On the floor I slump on to as I read the last of your letter Dreaming that youwould come back forme My perfect world has fallen to pieces Everything is gone and I have nothing left Mymemories are the only thing I havewith our photographs Of when everythingwas happy and bright Right before you changed everything I will never forgive you for what you did Everything is still quiet and everything is still... Silent. TARAKENDALL Friends are a crucial part of life. They are the people that choose to be your family.