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www.ntnews.com.au Northern Territory News, Monday, December 14, 2009 31 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:14-DGE:31 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K art youth comics reviews gadgets Got something to say? We want to hear it! news@ntnews.com.au The Shy Girl Part Two ByCINDYMU CREATIVE WRITING IN PARTOne last week, the shy girl was sitting alone on the school buswhen she saw a drenched cat, struggling in a pool of water. I saw absolute terror in his dark, round eyes.My heart was racing. Read on to find out what happens ... TEARSwere rolling downmy cheeks. I felt like I was drowning alongwith the little kitty. I wanted to rush off the bus without asking for permission and pull the stray cat from the drain and wrap it up inmywarm jacket, safe in my arms. But I also pictured getting into trouble before the cat could be saved, the other kids staring and laughing, andmy parents disappointment inmy behaviour. I satmotionless, unable to act. Helpless. The bus began tomove forward, the accident traffic finally inmotion. The cats eyes locked on tomine. Hewas begging for help. Although the buswas noisy with the clamour of active children, I was sure that I heard his terrified meow. I could see that hewas panicking and needed help right away. I glanced around, but no one seemed to noticed. WhenMrs Foster yelled forme to sit down, I was startled. I hadnt even realized that I was standing up. I immediately sat back down. I did not break rules. I cried as the bus lumbered inmotion. I prayed that someone else would notice and rescuemy courageous friend. As our bus turned the corner away from the flailing cat, I saw a car drive by the stormdrain causing a wave to rise up over the cats head. He appeared again, coughing and sneezing, but this timewith blood trickling fromhismouth and nose. One ear was folded back, like it was flipped inside out. Theweight of hopelessness blanketed down aroundme. None of the people on the street seemed to notice the tiny orange feline. Somehow Imanaged to stand up again, directly disobeying the bus driver. Mrs Foster! I cried. Every single person on the bus stopped talking and looked atme. Waiting. A cat. Theres a cat in the drain, I stammered. If we dont help him, hell drown. I held out a shaking hand and pointed. Tomy amazement the bus driver did not yell atme. Nor did the other kids laugh atme. Instead,Mrs Foster pulled the bus to the side of the busy road. Children, she said sternly. No one is to leave this bus. Then thewoman rushed out into the traffic and rain, across the street to the drain.Wewatched in silence. Even the boys looked concerned. No onewas laughing. I noticed I wasnt the only one crying. With one quickmovement, Mrs Foster grabbed the cat and pulled him into the safety of her arms. She cradled the terrified, clawing creature, removed her coat to wrap him in it, and then she raced back to the bus.We all cheered until she motioned for us to be quiet. Well have to look for his owners to see if he has a family already, Mrs Foster said, as she handedme the sopping bundle. I know, I stammered. Ill help you, the girl sitting in the front seat whispered tome. Me too, came another voice, then another and another. The other kids did help; we put flyers up all over town, a girls dad put an ad in the paper, andwe contacted the local animal shelters, veterinarians and pet stores. That means I was forced to talk to a lot of people, both kids and adults. There was no room for shyness and fear. Tomy surprise I slowly gained more confidence inmyself and made friendswith some of the kids who had helpedme.We never did find anyone to claim that cat, so he became a cherishedmember ofmy family. I named him Finlay (which means fair haired and courageous). Sure, I was still a pretty good kid after that day, but I learned to speak up, to overcomemy shyness. I also learned to say a little prayer and then go for it when something reallymatters. Dont take our amazing lightning for granted BIG WOW: The lightning in Millner on Sunday, December 6, was captured in this photo by NT News reader Kat Gerste OPINION BySEANGUY Lightning show December 6, 2009, 8-10pm (roughly) YOU just dont get fireworks like we saw late on the 6th of December. You just dont. Jagged lines of lightning flashed across the dark sky, and the clouds didnt have a hope ofmasking them. I could have read a book by the light that the lightningwas giving. Our family came out to watch, sitting in our driveway and staring in awe at the fantastic natural light show. You could hardly tell the streetlamp was on, and that was about 6m in front of us. I feel sorry for the people whowere sitting inside playing computer games andwatching TV. Not because I dont like computer games, dont getme wrong, but the lightningwaswaging a war of lights across the sky that was more intense than half an hour ofHalo. And TV?Dont tell me youwere watchingGlee instead of Gods fireworks. If at this point youre saying, its just lightning, I will turn andwalk away. Do not ever describe a show like that as just lightning. Territorians take their beautiful natural wonders for granted lightning shows, wet season downpours and JessicaMauboy. It could have been our famous Territorian UFOs flying around in the sky, but either way, it was an awesome sight. By EMILYHEARN Zombielands a must see RAID: Jesse Eisenberg stars in the horror flick, Zombieland MOVIE REVIEW Zombieland ZOMBIES are the new vampires. Zombieland is possibly one of the bestmovies to have been released this year backed by an awesome soundtrack. I strongly recommend you see this one if you are a fan ofShaun of the Dead its guaranteed some laughs. It packs just enough gore as any zombie movie should but looks at living with the undead in an entirely new and entertaining light. Themovie follows the story of four unlikely survivors each on amission for unique goals, such as finding the last remaining Twinkie. Themovie even educates you on handy hints as to how you too can survive a zombie apocalypse. Zombieland is the firstmovie to come frommastermind Ruben Fleischer and theres already talk of a sequel with a possibility of it being in 3-D. If youre going to see anymovie this yearmake sure you see Zombieland (man, I have always wanted to say that). I give it five stars, thats right count em five! TheUndead By EMILYHEARN Loss of a friend smarts By TARAKENDALL OPINIONEVERYONE has a different perception of friends. Different expectations and ideas about them. Friends are a crucial part of life. They are the people that choose to be your family. They are the brothers and sisters that help you to control the chaos and insanity of life and look after youwhen you didnt even realise you needed it. Very few people actually go through an entire lifetime with that one best friend fromhigh school. In fact, the closer you get to someone, themore painful thewoundwhen they hurt you and so the harder it really is tomake up for it. Its those, the rarest of friendships, that are worth the tears and heartache of fighting to keep themalive. Sometimes the other person has already moved on. But you lie in bed into the early hours of themorning, tears falling down your face, remembering theway you used towalk the dogs together and how that CD shemade had every track youwanted to hear. Or how you helped her clean her room in record time so that her laptop wasnt taken away. Even though somuch is working out for you now, you feel empty. You dont sleep, you dont eat, its as though you have broken upwith your other half and, in somanyways, you have. Your friendwas that person you knew to be there for you. And she smiles as though she never sat on the driveway beside you and called you her sister. So youwalk past each other again, after yet another sleepless night, and youwonder, was it worth it to have lost all that? I am sorry about what happened between usHaylee. WEWANTYOUR INPUT! Are you aged under 18 and have any artwork, reviews, creativewriting, comics, articles or photos youwould like to sharewith our Y readers? Email your submissions to y@ntnews.com.au