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MIDDLE SCHOOL REPORT Only nine weeks left to the end of the school year. Where has the year gone? After three busy, busy terms in the Middle School, it is amazing just how fast 2009 seems to be passing. A quick look at this terms calendar shows us that it is going to be another busy Term in the Middle School. All Year 7-10 students will participate on Friday in the Annual House Swimming Carnival at the Casuarina Pool. All students are all expected to attend the event and participate where possible. The selections for the Darwin Schools Zone Swimming Competition will be based on results from this carnival. There will be a BBQ and shaved ice available at the carnival. The pool canteen will also be open. Commencing this Saturday is the Year 10 Learn To Fly Program at the Batchelor Airstrip. Year 10s will travel to Batchelor each day in groups of four or five to spend the day completing their theory course on the ground and two hands on flying lessons in the air each day. Students will learn about flight, ground speed, airspeed, thermals how to take off and land the plane, and lots more. It is not as easy as some would think! Students need to complete the theory aspect of the course before entering the cockpit of the plane. Gavin Wrigley, our Flying Instructor, is now in his ninth year of working with our students on this program. John, a Flying Instructor from Adelaide, is assisting Gavin. The aircraft is a powered European glider. It is able to flown as either a light aircraft or a glider. After students motor up to a safe height, they can switch the motor off and gain more height by finding thermals, pockets of warm rising air that lifts the plane higher. The only down side of this is that the plane banks heavily to the side and circles within the thermal to gain the height. This is something not for the faint hearted! Next week we have some of our Year 10 students lunching at Parliament House for the awarding of the ConocoPhillips Challenge winners, Essington won this prestigious competition in 2007. Lets keep our fingers crossed for 2009! Year 9 students will undertake their first Work Observation Program in a local workplace during the Thursday and Friday of Week 4, Term 4. They will then change workplaces for their second placement the following Monday and Tuesday of Week 5. We are the only school in Australia that we know of who offers all Year 9 students a program of work observation as preparation for their Year 10 Work Experience Program. Year 10 students will be undertaking a second week of Work Experience during Week 9, Term 4. This has been changed to allow Year 10 students to participate in the annual end of year Activities Week during Week 10. The Activities Week schedule has not yet been finalised for 2009. In the past we have conducted three daily sessions for all Middle School students. In 2008 this equated to almost 100 excursions leaving the school for the week! Due to our increase in student numbers in the Middle School, some slight changes will need to be made to the Activities Week plan this year. Students can be assured of a great week of varied activities! There is one final Duke of Edinburgh Expedition planned for this Term, a canoeing trip in the Katherine Gorge. We are hoping that the temperature then will be a little cooler on the water canoeing than hiking on the Gorge escarpment! Sunsmart School With the weather heating up and the change of the season, it is now even more important for all of our students to bring hats to school each day. Every student is required to have a hat on if they are in the sun at recess or lunch break, PE classes or other electives. Broad rimmed hats offer the best protection from the sun, however the schools uniform policy for the Middle School allows for any cap or broad rimmed hat to be worn. Students should also apply sunscreen 15 minutes before moving out into the sun. Middle School students in the sun without a hat will be asked by the teacher on duty to move into a shaded area. Allison Harvey Middle School Coordinator 8th October, 2009 The Essington School Darwin 7 Above: Peggy Willings completed clownfish picture from Term 3 Right: Gabriel Haines and Airah Javorsky are responsible for this abstract view of our school library