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NEWSLETTER Buddhist Society of NT July 2009 Page 7 EXTRACT FROM BSNT CONSTITUTION - SECTION 5 Membership of 5 (1) Applications for membership of the Association shall be made the Asssociation to the Committee in the form prescribed by the Committee. General members (2) The Committee may admit as a general member of the Association any applicant who is a professed Buddhist, is accepted as such by the Spiritual Adviser, is at least 18 years of age, and is a permanent resident of the Northern Territory. Associate members (3) The Committee may admit any applicant as an associate member of the Association. Commencement (7) Where the Committee accepts an application pursuant to this section, and following payment of the prescribed membership fee, the applicant becomes a member of the Association. Register of members (8) A register of members shall be kept by the Secretary, the details of which shall not be released to any person other than a member of the Association or as required by law. Period of membership (9) Subject to sub-section (11) and section 6, any membership arising by virtue of sub-sections (2) or (3) remains valid until the close of the next annual general meeting, but may be renewed by payment of the prescribed fee. Resignations (11) A member of the Association may, at any time, resign from the Associa tion by delivering to the Public Officer a written notice of resignation. Section 6 relates to cancellations MEMBERSHIP DURATION There has been an on-going conversation at BSNT as to when memberships begin and end. Below is a copy of relevant sections from the Constitution and a tentative interpretation. Please advise the committee if you have a different interpretation. Membership starts from payment date and is current up to, and including, the first following AGM. If a person pays their 2008/09 membership on the day of the 2009 AGM before the meeting starts then their membership is valid for that meeting only, it allows them to participate and vote at that AGM, then its run out. If a person pays their membership after the 2009 AGM finishes, it is valid for the following year (2009/10)up to and including the 2010 AGM, Some people have not kept up their membership but may wish to participate in the AGM. In that case is best to pay a double membership fee at the coming AGM. Thus you would have a valid membership for the (2008/09) year (& so can participate & vote in the 2009 AGM); Your fees would also cover the 2009/10 year - up to & including the next AGM (2010). From then on you simply pay an annual membership to stay current.