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Vertebrate monitoring and resampling in Kakadu National Park : Year 3, 2003-04



Vertebrate monitoring and resampling in Kakadu National Park : Year 3, 2003-04


Watson, Michelle; Woinarski, John Casimir Zichy; Northern Territory. Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment


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Date:2004-05; Made available via the Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004 (NT)

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Summary -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Continuation of a monitoring program that will contribute to the assessment of impacts of cane toads -- 3. Baseline survey of vertebrates at fire monitoring plots -- 4. Investigation of change in vertebrate (especially mammal) species composition at sites sampled in historic surveys -- a. Jabiluka -- b. Kapalga -- 5. Survey of threatened plants -- 6. Investigation of census and trapping methods for feral cats and dingoes -- 7. Training of Parks Australia staff in fauna survey through a field-based camp -- 8. Compilation of data bases and GIS layers showing existing and current fauna records -- Appendix A. Schedule for consultancy RS19 Vertebrate monitoring and resampling in Kakadu National Park.




Animals -- Northern Territory -- Kakadu National Park

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8 willie wagtail and pied butcherbird (20) (note that these tallies include the 15 fire plots that were sampled twice, making for a total possible 129 sample sites). Table 3.5. Summary table of fire plots, and dates at which these have been sampled for vertebrates. plot no. habitat1 habitat2 district baseline sample date anyre sample date 1 lowlandwoodland lowlandjungle/riparianwoodland SA 2 lowlandopenforest lowlandwoodland SA 3 lowlandwoodland riparianwoodland MR 18Mar01 4 sandstonewoodland sandstonewoodland NO 12Apr02 5 lowlandwoodland lowlandjungle MR 01Feb96 26Feb01 6 lowlandwoodland lowlandwoodland/cycads MR 27Feb04 7 lowlandopenforest sandstonewoodland EA 20Jun02 8 lowlandwoodland lowlandjungle MR 27Sep03 9 sandstonewoodland riparianopenforest MR 01Feb96 24Feb01 10 lowlandwoodland paperbarkwoodland MR 01Feb96 27Feb01 11 sandstonewoodland sandstoneopenforest/callitris MR 26Feb01 12 lowlandwoodland lowlandwoodland MR 26Sep03 13 lowlandopenforest lowlandopenforest NO 06May02 14 sandstonewoodland sandstoneopenforest MR 28Feb04 15 sandstonewoodland acaciawoodland MR 01Feb96 22Feb01 16 lowlandwoodland lowlandwoodland SA 05Jun02 17 lowlandwoodland paperbarkwoodland MR 18 lowlandopenforest lowlandwoodland JJ 01Feb96 22Mar01 19 lowlandwoodland sandstonewoodland MR 28Sep03 20 sandstonewoodland sandstoneopenforest/callitris MR 21 lowlandwoodland riparianwoodland SA 01Jun02 22 lowlandopenforest lowlandjungle/callitris SA 07Oct03 23 lowlandwoodland riparianopenforest MR 18Mar01 24 lowlandrainforest lowlandjungle SA 13Feb02 25 sandstoneheath sandstonewoodland MR 17Mar01 26 sandstoneheath sandstonewoodland JJ 26Feb04 27 sandstoneheath dryheath MR 25Feb04 28 lowlandopenforest sandstonewoodland EA 28Jun02 29 sandstoneheath dryheath JJ 18Feb04 30 lowlandopenforest lowlandwoodland JJ 01Feb96 21Mar01 31 sandstoneheath dryheath MR 01Feb96 26Feb01 32 lowlandwoodland lowlandwoodland MR 26Sep03 33 lowlandopenforest sandstonewoodland MR 01Feb96 24Feb01 34 lowlandwoodland lowlandopenforest MR 23Feb04 36 lowlandwoodland lowlandwoodland MR 01Feb96 25Feb01 37 lowlandwoodland lowlandwoodland MR 01Feb96 26Feb01 38 lowlandopenforest lowlandopenforest JJ 01Feb96 22Mar01 39 sandstonewoodland escarpmentjungle/sandstoneopen forest JJ 20Feb04 40 lowlandwoodland riparianwoodland MR 23Feb04 41 sandstonewoodland sandstonewoodland/callitris MR 01Feb96 24Feb01 42 lowlandopenforest lowlandopenforest SA 03Jun02 43 lowlandopenforest lowlandopenforest JJ 01Feb96 21Mar01 44 lowlandopenforest lowlandwoodland JJ 01Feb96 22Mar01 46 sandstoneheath escarpmentjungle/callitris JJ 22Feb04 47 sandstoneheath dryheath JJ 22Feb04 48 lowlandopenforest lowlandopenforest/callitris JJ 01Feb96 21Mar01

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