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The remonstrance


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Presentation of grievances on behalf of the people of the Northern Territory to the Commonwealth of Australia stating that the political rights of the citizens of the Northern Territory are inferior to those of the rest of the nation. This document was created in late 1962.




Northern Territory -- Politics and government -- 1945-1965; Petition, Right Of -- Northern Territory

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.. - 7 (d) a full vote for the Northern Territory Member in the House of Representatives~ (e) a Senator representing the Northern Territory; and (f) the creation of a sphere of legislation in which the Legislative Council would be supreme~. The day following this meeting the Honorable the Minister for Territories slighted the Legislative Council by inforIT~ng the House of Representatives that "no co..Ylference was held". All the reques "s mentioned were refused in a letter received on 2nd April, 1962, with the reason given "that it would not be appropriate at the present time II. Part of the occasion for the Legislative Council requesting a conference was that during the life of the Council on two occasions an Ordinance had been made to amend the Licensing Ordinance to provide a magistrate with discretion in cases of persons charged with supplying liquor to natives. On both occasions His Excellency the Governor-General was advised to withhold assent but when on a third occasion, although no circumstances had changed, the Ordinance was returned with suggested minor amendments, these were adopted by the Council, and opposite advice was then tendered to HiS Excellency. The will of the Council and of the people of the Northenn Territory has also on two occasions been thwarted by advice given to His Excellency the Governor-General to withhold assent to the Lottery ahd Gaming Ordinances made by the Council, doopite the presentation of petitions from over 3,000 citizens requesting that the Government desist from so obstructing the will of the . people. The same Lottery and Gaming Ordinance was passed again in August, 1961, and reserved by the Administrator for the consideration of the Governor-General but remains yet unpresented to him. The Wards' Employment Ordinance 1961, passed in November, 1961, also remains unpresented to His Excellency. The Prime Minister has not deigned to reply to two resolutions of the Council which were directed to him, one concerning democratic representation in the Northern Territory which was passed on the 14th November, 1961, and the other concerning the powers of the Administrator which was passed on the 5th April, 1962. Of the moneys expended in the Northern Territory by the Commonwealth Government, a large proportion is spent in an altruistic attempt to advance the aborigines of the Territory, in the course of whi ch views expressed by this Council have been perSistently disregarded for long periods, but subsequently adopted by the Commonwealth Government, as evidenced by the Welfare Ordinance 1961.