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Wagait Beach (N.T.) -- Periodicals; Cox Peninsula (N.T.) -- Periodicals

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Jack Ellis

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Wagait Beach


v. 7 no. 4

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Copyright. Made available by the publisher under licence.

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Jack Ellis



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The Wagaitear, April 2009 13 Mandorah Minibus service More drivers needed. Applicants must pass a police check, medical and have or be able to get an H endorsed driving licence. No Sunday service except by prior arrangement. Call 0407 325 957 Across 7 Become hostile towards (4, 2) 8 A wide thoroughfare (6) 9 Vaulted recess in a church (4) 10 The part that appears above the surface of the land (8) 11 A remark to which there is no polite conversational reply (7) 13 A song that was formerly popu lar (5) 15 A general direction in which something tends to move (5) 16 Noddys friend (3, 4) 18 Not at risk of harm or penalty (4,4) 19 A big bad one demolished the habitations of two small porkers (4) 21 Exercise in preparation for strenuous activity (4-2) 22 Unwilling to submit to authority (6) Down 1 An abrupt transition (4) 2 The way every fairy tale used to start (4,4,1,4) 3 Disturbed by minor irritations (7) 4 Large red-suited visitor at Christmas (5) 5 A network of nuclei that function together to perform a function in the body (6,7) 6 A purveyor of a commodity (8) 12 A disloyal person who betrays his cause (8) 14 Causing fear or dread (7) 17 A visual representation of the re lationship between certain quantities (5) 20 A jaunty musical rhythm (4) Answers to last puzzle T I F F W O R D S 33 Aries: March 20 April 20 Jupiter enters your sign for your birthday, while Mars will cross by next week. Venus is fast approaching so watch out for heavy star traffi c on Charles Point Rd. Lucky No 14 Taurus April 21 May 21 Throughout the month a big fi ery ball will appear in your life, often for up to half a day at a time. Then it will disappear, but will probably come back. Lucky No 1 Gemini: May 22 June 21 Bad things are going to happen. Maybe not to you, but you can be sure theyll happen. Oh yes. Lucky No 99 Cancer: June 22 July 22 You will be visited by a past friend, forgotten relative, or Brother Beelzebub. They may offer sound advice for your dilemma, or they may offer you carnal fulfi lment, unimaginable wealth and power. Think about the cost before you choose. Lucky No 9 Leo: July 23 August 23 Dont use the phone, do not watch television or accept any mail. And stay away from windows! Lucky No 13 Virgo: August 24 September 23 You will struggle this month. But persevere and by the time Neptune passes everything will be smelling of roses. Lucky No 12 Libra: September 24 October 23 A large red comet will pass through your sign during April, bringing cheer and happiness to the forthcoming month. Lucky No 7. Scorpio: October 24 - November 22 Your astral plane has a jammed landing gear and only one engine. Be prepared to delay touchdown for up to three weeks and plot a new course. Lucky No 32 Sagittarius: November 23 December 22 Someone will tell you to take a chill pill this month. Remove them from your Christmas list immediately. Lucky No 8 Capricorn: December 23 January 20 Saturn is moving into your neighbouring sign, so watch out for severe reality disorders that wlli mk it hrd ot rade tihgs. Lucky No 1 Aquarius: January 21 February 19 Your kitchen table is the target for a new satellite guided missile. Dont worry! Theyll miss as usual and you will survive. Claim compensation before ASIO charges you with harbouring an unlicensed weapon of mass destruction in your home. Lucky No 3 Pisces: February 20 March 19 Nothing will happen to you for quite some time. Stay in bed until the 23rd then check to see if anyone has missed you. Lucky No 20