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4 The Wagaitear, April 2009 Attempts by council works supervisor Gary Zikan to improve and extend the dump site received only half-hearted support from most councillors at the March Wagait Shire meeting. Gary pointed out in his works report that the area for disposal of building waste and car bodies is full and the access to the area needs improving so people put their rubbish in the tip rather than dump it around the site. Why dont they just dump it in the hole? Rocky Magnoli offered when talking about the building waste. Shire president Peter Clee didnt seem to think it was a problem, describing the dump as not too bad. There was even a suggestion to remove the transfer station from the list of possible infrastructure projects that may attract Territory or Federal government grants. This didnt happen but there was little support for Garys call for urgent action on the industrial waste area. The council has written to the new Transport Minister Gerry McCarthy (above) asking that it be included in the preparation of the tender process to award a new Mandorah ferry contract. Mr McCarthy was responding to concerns about ferry passenger safety and the need for a facility similar to that at Cullen Bay to make the ferry more accessible for frail or disabled passengers. Part of the ministers letter said tender planning would start this year and include community consultation and a full review of services. Councillors also asked for a summary of a report on the condition of the jetty that was quoted in Mr McCarthys letter and appeared to indicate the structure was in sound condition. Still on the jetty, coun cil chief executive Wally Lenyszyn reported that hed met with Planning and Infrastructure Department representatives to discuss the future of the car park and surrounding area. He said the group was keen to get a toilet near the jetty, expand and improve the car parking and ensure more orderly bus and coach access. And a bus shelter was added to the wish list during the discussions. The department has approved work on the jetty to repair the surface, replaced a rusted rails, painting and a general cleanup. The council also is looking at locating one of its concrete picnic tables sets near the jetty. Coomalie Shire Council and the Wagait Shire Coun cil have been given a $20,000 grant to look at possible boundary expansion to include all the unincorporated land between Adelaide River and Charles Pt. Peter said establishment of the super shires meant this was now the only land not included in local government boundaries. The government wants to incorporate all these areas, they are the ones pushing it, he said. Wagait and Coomalie are the only ones interested (in expanding their boundaries). It depends on what Dundee wants as well, they need to have a say. Theres also people at Bynoe and at Dundee Downs the Territory Government will force them to go one way or the other. Peter said it was likely that all the new freehold land identified in the Kenbi land claim would be included in the Wagait Shire. Councillors agreed to meet with Coomalie and local government department offi cers to discuss possible benefits of expanding the boundaries and how consultation with people in unincorporated areas would be carried out. Seven new council poli cies were approved during the meeting, while a move to amend the policy framework policy (number 1) introduced and passed in February was put off until this month. The previous 9-page policy number 1 has been reduced to less than a page and a half, but the general opinion was it will achieve its objective and now was far more understandable. Little reaction to rubbish tip site problems Shire council report Mandorah Beach Hotel Your community hotel Entertainment starts from the Easter weekend and dont miss out on Seedahs fantastic Thai beef salad Huge range of icy-cold beers, fresh food, clean rooms & friendly local staff! Ph: 8978 5044 Fax: 8978 5060 Council poll on May 9 if more than one candidate Wagait Beach and Mandorah voters may be heading to the polls yet again on May 9 for a by-election to fi ll a shire council vacancy left by the resignation of Jane Carrigan. Jane was elected in October last year and attended four meetings before resigning, saying she was not confi dent she could achieve meaningful leadership in the councils operations. The Northern Territory Electoral Commission will run the by-election. Returning offi cer Bill Shepheard said a call centre (1800 019 159) will assist Wagait Shire Council residents and those people who wish to nominate as a candidate with any enrolment and nomination inquiries. Nominations opened on March 27 and will close at 12 noon on April 16. Only residents of Wagait Beach and Mandorah who are on the electoral roll when it closes on April 7 will be eligible to vote. The electoral commission offi ce will remain open until 5 pm on April 7 to accept enrolment forms. Completed enrolment forms may also be faxed to 8999 5845 by the close of roll deadline. Early voting will be available from April 17 until election day on May 9. The last date of postal votes and the fi nal count of all votes cast or be carried out on May 15 and the offi cial declaration of the poll is expected to take place on May 18. Jane has contributed $1800 towards the total cost of $3100. Nomination forms, candidates handbook and nomination instructions are available from the Wagait Shire Council offi ces, the offi ce of the Northern Territory Electoral Commission and the commissions website (www.ntec.nt.gov.au).