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EXPANDED HEALTH SERVICES DELIVERY INITIATIVE (EHSDI) - PHASE 3 The past 12 months have been a major challenge as health services have struggled to address the different NT Emergency Intervention measures, the Child Health Check processes and the PHC follow-ups, all of this on top of their normal heavy workloads delivering vital health services to communities across the NT. Despite these many difficulties AMSANT is happy we are now finally entering the phase of expanded health services for our members. This is what weve all been working towards - the time has come to inject major new resources into Aboriginal health service organizations. During October ACCHSs will be in position to sign funding variations with OATSIH for the new health dollars. These funds will provide the opportunity to fill vital gaps in existing primary health care services which will allow all to move closer to the practical achievement of comprehensive PHC for our communities. Over the next two years we anticipate new resources will significantly beef up the capacity to not only treat and manage sickness, but also to get more serious about preventing illness and supporting young and healthy people to stay well and healthy. AMSANT is also excited about the opportunity to move strongly towards community control of primary health care services. All three partners to the NT Aboriginal Health Forum - AMSANT, OATSIH, and the NT Dept of Health & Families - have endorsed the Pathways to Community Control approach which commits all partners to work towards Aboriginal community control as the most effective model of delivering health care in communities. Key to this positioning for Aboriginal community control will be the regionalisation of Aboriginal health services into Health Service Development Areas (HSDAs) and the development in some areas of more sustainable new organisations. New funds will be made available in the different regions to support ACCHSs to come together with their communities to negotiate and develop these new structures. AMSANT is seeking to position itself in a key support role in this transition to sustainable community control of all Aboriginal PHC services in the NT. We wish everyone good luck with the new challenges and opportunities before us. M a n i n g r i d a h a s h a d a g o o d s t a r t t o i t s a n t i - s m o k i n g p r o g r a m . S e e s t o r y p a g e 7 OCTOBER ~ NOVEMBER 2008 Dont smoke near me please! 2 R E A D E R S A R E E N C O U R A G E D T O S E N D T H E I R F E E D B A C K T O b r o n w y n . n e t l u c h @ a m s a n t . o r g . a u