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Newsletter : Araluen news & views


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Araluen Christian College newsletter 1 May 2007 - 27 November 2014

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ACC newsletter 29 January 2015 February - 25 October 2017

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5 Dear Parents and Carers, At the moment, we are entering an important planning phase as we look forward to 2009. We have already begun a budgeting process and organizing classes and staff are high on our agenda. For us to make sure we have the best quality teachers for your children, it is vital we have a sound understanding of how many students we are likely to have in 2009 and recruit staff early if necessary. We understand that family circumstances may change, but we really need to know, as far as you can tell, your intentions for 2009. I am confident almost all our existing staff will be continuing, and this will bring a degree of stability to the College. We are hoping, with an increase in numbers, to be able to form more straight classes, while composites will be formed, where necessary, in ways that will meet the needs of students and families. There are great benefits in both arrangements. I am personally delighted in what I currently see at the College happy children, friendly classes, high standards of teaching and learning, personal care of individuals and lots of purposeful and worthwhile activities for children to be part of and to remember, Please help us spread the good news! Prospectuses are available if you need them for family, friends or neighbours. Please complete the form below by the end of term to inform our decision making over the coming months. God Bless! Hilary Saunders _______________________________________________________________________________________ 2009 INTENTIONS Surname: _______________________________________________________________________________ Childrens Names:________________________________________________________________________ Our familys intention for 2009 are that the children will: B Definitely continue at Araluen B Most probably continue at Araluen B Probably not continue at Araluen due to _________________________________________________ B Will not be continuing at Araluen due to ________________________________________________ B Our child in Year 6 will attend Araluen/ will to to another College/ is not sure yet B Our family is uncertain about our movements in 2009 __________________________________________ ______________________ Parents signature Date 10 Blain Street Alice Springs NT 0870 A.B.N. 65 060 686 305 Phone: (08) 8955 0121 Fax: (08) 8955 0060 Email: admin@acs.nt.edu.au Member of the Northern Territory Christian Schools Association Principal: Mrs Hilary Saunders