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Annual Report 2000/2001 Territory Housing



Annual Report 2000/2001 Territory Housing

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Tabled Papers for 9th Assembly 2001 - 2005; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT






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Territo ry Housing Annual Report n Territory Housing :ss Services tfv '4t 'J? Financial Reporting (compliance with Treasurers Direc Statement by Accountable Officer and Pr Housing Business Services In our opinion: (c) the accompanying financial s ta te m e n t Business Services have been prepar accordance with part 3 section 5 o f J and fair view o f the results o f its op (d) the receipt and expenditure o f mor by Territory Housing Business Servic accordance with the Financial Mana Futhermore: (h) proper records o f all transactions afl kept and all employees observe the] (1995),Treasury Regulations and th (i) procedures within Territory Housing! afford proper control over expendit 0 no indication o f fraud, malpractice, error in o r omission from the accoy (k) ongoing internal controls are in p laof i Property Manual and training and management functions o r whose d i (I) results o f any internal audits have Management Act ( 1995); (m) under the terms o f applicable cont staff, the performance o f all eligible! (n) all employment instructions issued i Employment have been satisfied. counting Officer for Territory tes thereto ofTerritory Housing fp roper accounts and records and are. in jre rs Directions so as to give a true f fo r the year ended 30 June 2001; and Be acquisition and disposal o f property [ the above period have been in ' (1995). to ry Housing Business Services are o f the Financial Management Act " 'i r s Directions. Services are such as will, at all times Dts and public property; . ach o f legislation o r delegation, major Ifftcords exists; Fig a review o f the Accounting and fo r employees involved in the financial receipt o r payment ofTerritory monies;, ted in accordance with the Financial ingements fo r senior departmental been reviewed as required; and fice o f the Commissioner fo r P u b l i c .. J GRAHAM SYMONS Chief Executive Officer Accountable Officer Dated at Darwin 12 November 2001 K e v in g l o v e r Assistant Secretary Principal Accounting Officer ' Dated at Darwin 12 November 2001 page 84