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Completed audit of parolees and community based offenders on electronic monitoring



Completed audit of parolees and community based offenders on electronic monitoring


Fyles, Natasha Kate

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Electronic Monitoring Audit Page 23 of 30 Of the offenders requiring OMPs, the audit found: 86 offenders (85%) have OMPs completed or reviewed within the timeframe prescribed in the OMF. This meets the KPI target. 15 offenders did not have an OMP completed or reviewed within the required timeframe specified in the OMF. 42 offenders did not require an OMP as they are still within their first eight weeks of supervision and are working with their Probation and Parole Officer to develop this plan. Of the 15 offenders on electronic monitoring who did not have an offender management plan developed or reviewed within the required timeframe: 14 offenders are supervised by offices experiencing significant staffing pressures due to vacancies, long term leave and staff movements. 1 offenders plan was overdue by less than a week and has since been completed and approved. Other Monitoring and Intelligence Gathering Activities 7.5.1 Non-Compliance and Breach Action KPI target for failures to comply with orders to be breached within timeframe = 80% to be completed The audit identified: 57 offenders had no instances of non-compliance with the conditions of their order. 135 offenders (97%) have had non-compliance with order conditions investigated and actioned by Probation and Parole Officers in accordance with the requirements of the OMF. These typically include positive alcohol or drug tests, failing to complete a residential rehabilitation program, not attending for supervision or counselling as directed, or not being at their place of residence for curfew. 4 incidents of non-compliance have been detected by Probation and Parole Officers, however some administrative actions remained incomplete. In each case the breach was returned to the sentencing authorities within the timeframes set out in the OMF, however documentation was not uploaded onto IOMS. COMPLIANCE OF OFFENDERS ON ELECTRONIC MONITORING No breach detected Actioned but not in required timeframe Breach detected and dealt with 57 135 4